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Your Own Personal Radar Bubble: A Device That Picks Up You

I have written on this topic somewhat before. It is called Bio-electromagnetism. We know that the human body emanates a certain amount of and unique signal(s). This signal is unique to the individual. The body gives off a certain amount of energy but the mind or brain gives off a stronger signal than the rest of the body.

The human body does generate electricity and a certain amount of electromagnetic energy as well. This is called bio-electromagnetism¬†and there are more discoveries about the human body emanating an electromagnetic field called the “Human Connectome Project“. Both of these are basically explaining that quite possibly a persons spirit is their unique electromagnetic signature, biologically specific, that emanates from their body and mind. The human brain gives off the greatest amount of bio-electromagnetism and unique frequencies. Our unique bio-electromagnetic frequencies, we emanate, could also be the cause of tension we feel in a room full of people, happiness, or sadness, and various other emotions.”

After reiterating this, what if there were a device an individual could wear on their hip that could be programmed to pick up that individuals bio-electro frequencies? Their bio-electro frequencies would be stored in the devices memory. In addition to memory storage the device would have proximity capabilities similar to a miniature radar. If another person were to get close to you the device would let you know if your signal was altered by theirs. This would create a sort of bubble around you and you could definitely say “hey dude you’re in my personal space”.

Some applications where this could come in handy would be in a noisy environment where you had to wear earplugs. Let’s say you were busy doing something and a co-worker wanted to get your attention to ask you a question or your boss wanted to let you know something. But, they don’t want to startle you by touching you on the shoulder or nudging you elsewhere. The device could be integrated with headphones inside of your earplugs. When an individual, with a similar device, walks up next to you or behind you the device would send you a signal or speak to you. That would be safer than somebody physically touching you especially if you were using equipment that has the potential to harm by accident.

Another application would be somewhat similar but in a different setting. Let’s say you were sitting at your desk or cubicle trying to focus on something. A co-worker or your boss, again, wants to get your attention and instead of causing a startle your device and theirs would let you know they are there close to you. This would also keep other co-workers from trying to play a game by sneaking up on you and trying to scare you on purpose.

What if the same type of device were designed for children? Only this device would have wireless capabilities and would be connected to an app on your smart phone or an emergency network. Even if a kidnapper were not wearing a similar device the device your child would be wearing could pick up on the kidnappers bio-electro signal, store that in its memory, and send the kidnappers signal(s)/frequencies to the nearest police station and your smartphone.

To go a little further there could be a whole set of new laws associated with the device to protect and not take advantage of people. Of course in using a device such as the one I’m talking about a person would have to register some personal information such as their name, phone number, and address. If another person were to interfere in any other way I have not mentioned then an individual wearing the device could, possibly, be able to tell exactly who is altering their devices signal(s)/frequencies because the other person’s device would have their personal information registered to a device as well.

Of course, we already have this type of technology. Only, a computer program would have to be written for the technology contained within the device. Then the technology would have to be engineered and then assembled. Individuals could register loved ones, family, and friends to their own device to, sort of, allow them into their personal bubble. Not to go too far with a thought, but this has possibilities with a new type of social network as well. Maybe the technology could be integrated into our smartphones. But we might want to keep the technology on a separate device to make our personal bio-electro signal(s) more secure.

I know we already have proximity radar-type sensors but they don’t always work. The type of device I’m talking about would be more specific and unique to us as individuals instead of making us simply one of many proximity nodes. A program written, or software, for the device could be written for many more applications and situations. The software would be smart similar to face recognition software on a smartphone. We could even use our bio-electro signature to be allowed access into certain places or even just wave our hand over a payment dock to pay for something instead of having technology integrated into our bodies. That would be a non-invasive solution. If anybody has any more applications or ideas as to how this type of device could be used I would love to see your comments and suggestions. Thank you.

by Jamin Chavez


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