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Your Immediate Sphere of Influence

I went to a Trump Rally four or five months ago near St. Louis Missouri. I was able to park two or three blocks away in an empty parking lot. Shortly thereafter, of course, that wasn’t very empty. I made my way from the parking lot toward the large crowd that had gathered to see President Trump speak. However, it wasn’t really a crowd but was more organized and people were in a huge circle going clockwise towards the sports arena.

This was my first experience going to a Presidential rally and I was unaccustomed to the various dynamics associated with the situation and excitement in the air. But, as I walked toward everybody I felt an immense amount of energy, intelligence, excitement, welcoming unity, and a common understanding. I looked forward and felt keenly aware of everything around me and not just in front of me. However, I also felt very noticed, I felt like everybody was familiar with me already. I thought this feeling was very complex but I understood that it was not hostile.

This was a stark contrast compared to what I had felt in other areas I’ve been in the United States among a large group of people. I reached the circled line of people and entered the group. It took me a little while to figure out and understand the crowd dynamics or rather, the dynamics of the crowd. I guess you could say I was trying to figure out how the circled line worked.

In order to figure out how this circled line worked, I had to walk around, inside the circle, a few times. There were two lines on each side of the circle going clockwise and I was walking in between. Each time I looked directly into a group of people its as if I could feel the energy fluctuate, some people looked back and others looked away. In some areas of my path, I could feel anxiety, excitement, curiosity, and the even greater sense of gratitude. I’m not saying all of these feelings were directed at me. But, what I am explaining is that I could feel my own sphere of influence being reflected from the people around me and vice-a-versa.

Each person carries with them their spirit. This is also called their aura or countenance. This is something other people cannot touch or see, but this is something they feel without touching. Another example is when a person gives a public speech or a teacher instructs before his or her class. Besides the feeling an individual receives from people around them or in front of them, they learn how to read unspoken communication. They get this from their audience or class. Based on the body language of the audience or an individual, speaker, or teacher knows how to respond back while speaking. Their sphere of influence is everything they are, what they do, how they speak, and their own body language. Their sphere of influence does like the term says, it influences their audience.

In today’s modern world we use technology to project our immediate sphere of influence. We create profiles and have avatars or pictures. Based off what we say, do, the emoji’s we use, or pictures we post these all display who and what we are as an individual. People listening to us or reading our content are able to grasp for themselves those types of characteristics. Either the culmination or individual comments have the ability to influence our audience. This is as if the people viewing us on any social media platform have us speaking right in front of them. However, we might not be able to catch or grasp the same types of feelings we would get if we were physically in front of the individual speaking. The dynamics are not exactly the same and we might become somewhat confused because the lack of or too much influences in our sphere of influence.

In my book “Freedom and The Will To Move Forward“, I write about an individuals sphere. Based on their choices they have the freedom to choose which direction they will take. They can do this either physically with their feet or they can do this with the choices in their mind. When I say choices in their mind, they can choose how they will either continue or stop thinking or doing something a certain way. This of course depends on the dynamics and complexities of an interaction, the type of work they’re doing, or the direction they want to go with their immediate sense of self.

Once an individual arives at their destination, using their sphere, they can use their sphere as their immediate sphere of influence. I explain, in the same book, that everybodies sphere interacts with everybody elses in a complex system of individual bodies in motion. When using your sphere of influence these indiviudal spheres are at rest more so than in most other situations, unless your playing sports or working. Even while in motion, such as playing sports or working, an individuals sphere doubles as it is, still.

Back to my explanation of the Trump Rally. I arrived at a crowd positioned in front of the building President Trump was to speak at. Everybody was standing still and I couldn’t understand exactly what was going on besides the obvious. Once I assessed the situation I moved forward and got in another line. President Trump began speaking as I walked passed the big screen positioned outside. The line began moving and I was able to go through the safety procedures from the Secret Service and made my way inside. There were a lot of people already there so I found my way upstairs on the third or fourth level of seats. After I walked up the stairs there was President Trump, sort of in the center of everything. Where he was standing, I was up on his left just passed the mid-portion of the stadium. I noticed there was a couple of people that seemed as if everytime I tried to get a clear view of President Trump they got in my way. So, I found a good place to stand and felt a sense of pride as I listened to him speak.

While I was making my way to where I ended up, the atmosphere changed somewhat. Some of the same feelings were still in the air but the dynamics turned somewhat tense. This was similar to a situation I encountered outside when I realized staying in the circled line was not going to get me anywhere. I moved from the inner circle to the outside portion crossing the street. I walked up towards the stadium somewhat after a man walked up behind me and said I was cutting in line. He basically said “I’ve been here for hours”, I replied aren’t you voting for President Trump? He said yes, and I replied ok then and he didn’t say anything else.

The whole situation gives a good explanation of what a persons sphere doubles as also their immediate sphere of infuence. Something I usually say is that if you do not seek to be yourself then you are not. This also means that if you do not learn how to effectively use your sphere then possibly somebody else will use their sphere of influence, to in effect, influence yours.


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