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Why YOU’RE Used So She Can Date Him or He Can Date Her #SNRTG

Recently I’ve become one hundred percent done with relationships. I’m exasperated, I’m very tired, and I’m fed up. Does anybody want to know why and how? This has been a complex process with me trying to figure out why individuals play this dating and relationship game. It seems everything, even matters of the heart, have been made into a game using another, to get what is wanted, as a pawn.

I was on Facebook just a little while ago and recently I’ve had these recurring thoughts to write comments about my girlfriend and dating problems. It’s become very annoying. I’ve also learned a lot about modern day dating, relationships, interactions, and how radical Feminists manipulate with the philosophy of Romanticism to get what they want. This is all about a fake game, power, control, and disrespecting men. I say this because of not only experience but also noticing trends in society and watching how other people interact with each other. None of this I’ve witnessed is wholesome, healthy, positive, uplifting, or good for us as a society as a whole.

I saw a comment from a lady, on Facebook, about a meme. The meme said something about how men need to find a woman that has certain positive characteristics and values. If he does find her she’s a keeper and one to be treasured. While this is true, I myself, have become tired of trying to find the right woman. I asked her a couple of questions, gave some explanations, and there was another man making comments as well. Both of us did not have a sunshine and rainbows view on the subject. She was not offended and sympathized with the both of us. In her explanations I could tell she understood our perspective and lately I’ve seen her make encouraging posts about relationships between men and women, even posts uplifting and advocating for strong men.

Earlier I saw a post on Facebook a woman that was a beauty queen made a “Sunshine and Rainbows” post about being happy on this Sunday. I replied with something like “Good luck on getting me to be happy”. She replied with something that reminded me of what the other guy on Facebook said to the lady that understood us. He was not impressed with any of the positive explanations and pretty much called out any nonsense that might have been perceived. Being reminded of this I was a little annoyed and told her to be real basically.

So, I’m going to explain something. I’ve talked about relationships between men and women periodically and it seems every time I do that I get these weird interactions with other women that seem fake. Some of them, I’ve gathered, is them trying to use me to get them a boyfriend. They take what I say and twist that into third person speech basically making what I say into what the guy might say that they’re trying to date to say. If any of the fake women have a problem with me understanding this game they play then they should not have bothered me this much for me to understand how they do this. The other part of this Worldly “Political Owl” game is that if an individual is married and divorced three times they cannot get married again or even date anybody again. Believe me, if a man or woman is adamant enough about finding answers to why certain weird dynamics happen they will eventually find the answers. This is is they are strong enough to take the physical, mental, and emotional abuse dished out by the world and the “Political Owl” game.

They will soon understand why certain situations keep happening over and over and why they keep running into the same people saying the same things. They might not remember they put you or another in that situation but you do because you have the mental and emotional scars they gave you by using you as one of their pawns. If they do remember, and they choose to use you again, it’s because they think you’re too stupid to catch on to the game they’re putting you in.

Which makes me wonder and I used to ask myself this question many times before but stopped for complex reasons. Is there any good women out there these days? I’m sure there are, but even though I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with women it’s still not fair to put all of them into one category. That’s why I make the distinction between fake and real genuine women.

One part of the game these people play is that if many of them choose an individual to be a pawn nobody knows exactly how long they will be using that individual to get what they want. It doesn’t matter what that individual says, it doesn’t matter if that individual has caught onto their games and tactics, and it doesn’t matter if that individual has learned how to fight back, these people that play this game will keep trying to use an individual because these other people know they have some things that any human being with a heart and emotions would want. The attraction between men and women can be very strong sometimes but if one of these individuals is a member of the opposite sex and their pawn is attracted and interested in them and they are one of these people playing this relationship game they do not care, they will use you to get what they want. Then once they’ve used the pawn they will leave them broken and tired. Groups of these individuals might gang up on one individual, talk bad about them, manipulate them into making mistakes leading them into financial slavery so that they will become dependent on them for just about anything they can imagine.

Even some of the individuals playing this game have been led into a sort of mental bondage becoming dependent on their masters that have beaten them. Their mantra is to control or be controlled. That’s the main theme that seems to keep the game players playing these games. However, the whole game is an illusion and meant to keep people’s attention focused on the game so they might not ever think that manipulation is just what that is, manipulation. An individual can be manipulated only if they do not know what is happening or if they know whats happening and they make a choice to continue playing this game. However, many of these individuals are made to feel like they owe their masters something and they are made to feel guilty for mistakes made and that something might happen to them if they do not play the game. Sometimes making a choice to continue playing the game is because of even more manipulation and even extreme pressure from groups of people that play these games. This is why I compare these dynamics to street gangs because the dynamics are basically the same just in different areas either collocated or asymmetrically located in relation to each other either online or in reality in various portions of our society.

It is difficult sometimes, when a person, has been awakened to the reality of these dynamics and that freedom from this relationship game, or any other game, is obtainable. However, an individual usually has to fight their way out and even when they are out they have to use continuous resolve to fight and stay out of these games. It would probably be most beneficial for anybody wanting out to do so together so they will have an alliance, allies, and witnesses on their side to anything bad that might happen. Think about it, what has playing any of these games ever brought anybody besides misery, distraction from more important good and wholesome aspects of this life, and being put through a broken heart and mental slavery over and over? What really has playing any of these games brought any of YOU in adding to your pocket book, your self-worth, or even self-respect? If any of YOU think you have obtained self-respect and self-worth from these things it’s an illusion because in it’s most basic form, and if you take the time to think about it, using other people doesn’t really add a good, wholesome, and positive loving feeling to your heart does that? Doing that makes you a dark and miserable person.

I’ve also realized that Radical Feminists have gained so much control over the hearts of men and women that even these women prey upon, scrutinize, manipulate, and control better women. The better women I’m talking about are women that love men, respect men, cherish men, have positive attributes, characteristics, values, and principles. Some of these good women are Traditional Feminists and many of them are not. However, it seems as if the Radical Feminists have been able to get a firm grip on many women getting them to think they have to speak and agree with one voice. Ladies, men understand distinction, merit, and positive attributes with example more than every woman speaking with one voice. In my opinion a man is more likely to respect a women, open the door for her, or even let her open the door and enter first if she is one of these good women. She would most likely get a promotion or raise first for the fact that she has distinguished herself from women of lesser character and principles. I understand that doing this would not be easy but it also means a woman that does this is strong enough to do anything she wants to do. Men would be more likely to listen to this type of woman for leadership decisions that, again, a woman of lesser character. I know I would.

Also, I’m going to make an educated hypothesis and say that every one of the overwhelming expectations that have been created for women, or standards and worldly in this case, have been somehow created by Radical Feminists. Why wouldn’t they? They would know exactly how to control and manipulate other women just so they ultimately get what they want. This is while they act like they hold themselves to the same ungodly standards. What does anybody think Romanticism is about anyway? Romanticism is about using the fairy tale approach, acting like a damsel in distress, attracting men with good intentions to save the princess, and then use the man, his heart, and emotions against him to get what is wanted. Somehow I believe Radical Feminists have even gotten good women to think that doing this is ok, maybe once or twice. It also seems as if one of the main goals is for a woman to use a man to get herself a boyfriend just to ultimately disrespect him in the end while she ends up with a man she can control. If an individual or group of individuals knows where the oppression is coming from, the root, and they are tired of that then why not fight against that instead of members of the opposite sex? Men and women make each other stronger when they understand each other. Guess who might be making men and women misunderstand each other on purpose? Most likely the Radical Feminists and men that agree with them. However, I’m willing to guess that even the men that agree with them are their prey instead of the illusion of advocate. When men and women are not able to work together and understand each other it makes it easier for women like Radical Feminists to control and manipulate.

What needs to happen is to begin, NOW, to break the shackles of the game. Understand that when an individual or group of individuals breaks free, most likely there’s going to be some sort of fight or struggle. In many instances I’ve experienced mental and emotional fights with people being extremely passive aggressive. But, always remember that these game players will try to get you to feel guilty for the things THEY put YOU through. In what world does that make any sense or is that right to feel guilty for their oppression? There’s probably a mental form of Stockholm Syndrome that might be going on there that needs to be thrown in the trash. Realize that it is not uplifting, positive, or wholesome to treat any man or woman as a game piece to get what YOU want. That does not help them and it does not help YOU. Remember, not everybody is the same and that individual that was used might fight back one day and that time YOU used them they definitely remember. Sometimes all it takes is one instance to make an enemy that won’t forget. Even that should be enough to not play these stupid relationship games or any other game for that matter.

Also, in what world has it made any conscious and clear firing of the mind synapses and neurons to use an individual, put them into a game against their will, and creating more work for YOURSELF instead of just walking up to or talking to the other individual YOU are interested in or like, I love WordPress by the way, and asking them out on a date? There is not anything wrong with flirting with another individual or letting them know YOU like them from point A to B, in a manner of speaking, instead of going on some stupid epic game fiasco angering a third person that might be an enemy forever. But these days it seems as if Radical Feminists, and their cohorts, have made it where a man has to ask permission somehow just to start a random conversation with a women he’s interested in. I mean, how the heck is a man supposed to meet ANY woman if she is not open to any type of interaction with a man? How the heck is he even going to get permission to talk to her if she and every other woman believe that there’s an imaginary requirement that might or might not be known to be achieved? Again, in what world does any of this have the understanding of the human mind? Like I said, this is most likely something created by Radical Feminists to control and manipulate closing off good men from good women giving them more power, influence, and control. I’m explaining these dynamics because I’ve actually been through these things myself and have seen other people get used. None of this should be allowed to continue to happen. There are more good men and women than there are of the “Others”, “Political Owls”, and “Radical Feminists”. So, what are we waiting for? Is this because even our language has been messed with so much that we do not understand? How in the world are we going to repair our language and interactions if we believe in these imaginary requirements?

This reminds me of being on Facebook and talking to another person with a profile that it’s not sure if they are who they are, but YOU decide to talk to them anyway because there’s something familiar about them. That’s good sometimes maybe. But, an individual definitely knows who they’re talking to in reality outside of the internet instead of making the mistake of telling a cousin or aunt things you’d like to do with them on the weekend thinking they’re some hot lady or handsome guy. That would be embarrassing wouldn’t that? Also, everybody is an individual, treat them as such, continuously and consistently give them credit for the things they have done and are capable of among other things and attributes, and bad things will dissipate. They should also treat YOU that way as well. This creates a mutual partnership of respect and love depending on who’s interacting with who and the situation. However, in this instance I’m talking about relationships, things, and dynamics of the heart. Find a new obvious way to communicate that is understood. Do these things consistently, continuously, break off the bands and shackles of the games by forgiving each other and YOURSELF, and I promise the more people that do these things the stronger our hearts and minds will become.

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