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Why People Use Dummies

You might be wondering why I chose this title. Seems kind of different. However, there are many reasons to use a dummy for various things. In car crash tests engineers and scientists use dummies so that they will not have to use real people. In performing medical tests and training doctors in training use CPR dummies so that a real person will not get hurt and in military training they use dummies for pretty much the same reason, so a real person will not get hurt.

Scientists, engineers, and doctors study the test dummies to see what will happen and then they are able to gather data and perform more tests until they find what they’re looking for or able to accomplish their goals. However, what is the biggest difference between a dummy and a real person? Obviously, the answer is that a real person is alive, they can think for themselves, they can learn and adapt, they live, breathe, and have feelings and emotions. A dummy is just that, a dummy without any of those and they cannot think or feel.

Basically, what I’m talking about is the dark portions and evil individuals in our society that treat human beings like test dummies. These people keep themselves in a group and they might or might not have a lot of power and influence. These types of people are at various levels in society and have various types of positions and influence in government and politics. They love control and manipulation so they can use real people to carry out their own agendas.

What these people do is they come up with a plan to accomplish something and they choose an individual or a group of individuals. They might walk right up to them and talk to them, treat them nice, and with respect. However, they withhold pertinent information from them. Other members of the power and control group might interact with these individuals asymmetrically, at a distance, or get other members in their group to carry out their processes. The whole time they manipulate and control these “dummies” to get them to do what they want.

It doesn’t matter to the power and control group if their dummies get into trouble or make a mistake. This is because they try to control autonomously and they interact in such a way so that when the “dummy” makes a mistake they cannot blame the power and control group. They sometimes push them to make a mistake so they can use the information and what happens for their own gain, purposes, and agenda.

This process, I have spoken of before, is the process of political owls trying to turn a person into a rabbit or a mouse. When they have completed the process of turning these “dummies” into a rabbit or a mouse they put them in a maze and they promise them something but they never allow them to reach their personal goals. One example of this is that they put pressure on these individuals and try to make them make mistakes. Another example is that while they put pressure on them they keep them so busy trying to stay out of trouble that they are never able to figure out who or what is responsible for putting them through a “maze of hell”, figuratively speaking.

If somehow the dummy mouse or rabbit figures out their first wave of attacks then they get a different group to enact the attacks, manipulation, deceit, and games. The methods are same only the people and situations are slightly different. This is in part why I disagree with Ralph Waldo Emerson and his circle essay. The political owls I write about in my book “Freedom and The Will To Move Forward” use these methods and philosophy to fulfill their agendas.

These types of dynamics should not happen in our supposedly “modern society” but they do. Once an individual or group of individuals are targeted and deemed a “dummy” it is difficult to get out of the political owls games. This is much like being the target of a sociopath or psychopath. Some of the people targeted as a “dummy” are actually very bright, intelligent, and valuable people capable of doing great and positive things for society. They are honest, they have values, principles, and they stand for those things they believe in to include their country and other people. Because they are what they are and do what they do they are seen as a threat to the “establishment” or political owls and their agenda. Then all of a sudden the attacks begin. The reason(s) is that they are simply in the way and the political owls have nothing but hate for them for whatever reasons they can come up with.

I have experienced these dynamics on multiple occasions and I’ve had one of these experiences recently, even from my own family members. I was arguing with my sister, or so I thought, and I wanted her help. She had accused me of certain things before and I wanted her to not misunderstand me and stop accusing me of things. I told her to “be like a pistol and repair the situation” speaking figuratively instead of the other. They sent the Facebook messages to the police and because I’m a Veteran and have PTSD the police where I live showed up at my door and began to try getting confidential information from me. One of the police officers that was questioning me tried using a harsh tone and accused me multiple times of doing something that I did not do. Basically he was trying to get me into a perjury trap. Neither of them said anything about Miranda Rights and when I opened the door they tried to enter without my consent until I said “please wait here”.

I would not say what I said, to my sister, to somebody on the street or anywhere else to anybody. She is my biological sister and we grew up together, I thought she would understand instead of trying to get me arrested and in trouble. However, because of political winds and political owls and their methods, it seems like we cannot even trust our own family members with being ourselves.

Political owls do not care one bit if an individual is blood relation or not, they will go after them, critique, and nitpick, every little thing they do to try and get that person in trouble. These games and attack methods political owls use to manipulate, control, and deceive are the reasons why many people don’t have healthy relationships anymore, why genuine love is slowly disintegrating, why men and women have difficulty working together instead of trying to understand and accept, and why Democrats and Liberals will not listen to a single word of common sense.

After that situation with the police I knew word would travel fast among the community. When I went into town people acted like they were scared of me or like they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. They tried to treat me like I was crazy. I had spoken to these same people before at various instances and before that event with the police they treated me with respect and like a normal individual.

Not every Veteran with PTSD or that has been wounded is the same. Not every person that has never been in the military is the same or has the same problems, such as PTSD, is the same. Civilians acquire PTSD from the nature of their job and there are various levels and types of PTSD a person can get from that. One example is being a coal miner. They work in the dark and deal with dangerous materials so they can perform their job functions. After years of doing that they have a high potential of developing PTSD. Even astronauts develop a kind of PTSD because of their living conditions in space.

However, I’ve found that when people blow things out of proportion this is usually because they are playing the political owl game. They are trying to fulfill an agenda to help their friends and other family members. Our society and its members need to mitigate these types of dynamics so less people get hurt, less people get in trouble, less people make mistakes, and so people will be treated like human beings instead of a “dummy”, mouse, or rabbit. This would be ideal if these types of games and dynamics would stop altogether. I will say though, that they need to end now.


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