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Why I’m Glad We Now Have LEXIT #SNRTG

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I remember shortly after I wrote the blog post “Why the UK Needs BREXIT: Take the Red Pill and Exit”, various racial groups began to form their own movement similar to the UK’s BREXIT. We now have BLEXIT or Black lives exit and LEXIT or Latino exit from the American political Left. I remember when I was younger having reasons of my own to leave my families tradition of being a Democrat. At first I was for the fact that my father had always been. Then after more than a few experiences with anything Democratic I changed my mind and never told anybody I decided to be a Republican until after I joined the Army.

Since then I have never turned back and more recently, with Latinos going through certain experiences in difficult places, I am further convinced of the need for a movement such as LEXIT. Even though my last name is Chavez I am nothing like any of the Hispanic leaders of the past such as Che, Castro, or Hugo Chavez. Those Hispanic leaders were more Communist and Fascist that ruled their countries with a heavy iron fist. They ended up ruining their countries and starved thousands of people. I am not speaking figuratively for the fact that there is a huge difference between fiction and reality.

In the past I’ve been accused by my peers of being similar to Hugo Chavez even though they know we are not the same individuals. When I was younger I was teased somewhat about having a “Green card” and that I should go back to Mexico because my time in the United States was running short. I used to get into fights because of my last name and nobody wanted to think outside their narrow minds except the few that understood culture and diversity, as they always do. Most of the nonsense and oppression stopped when I joined the Army and later I served as an Equal Opportunity Leader for roughly three years. During those three years I learned much. I gained many different perspectives, knowledge, and experience that helped me understand and communicate with many different types of people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

After I retired from the Army the oppression began again, only this time the dynamics, people, and situations were very different. My experiences in these things helped me to understand and write my first book “Freedom and the Will to Move Forward: A Compass For Today’s World.” In one way I am glad for the adversity I have went through and in another way I really could have done without those. Not only was I messed with for the fact that I am part Hispanic but also for the fact that I’m a Veteran and there are many people in this country that don’t like Veterans for various reasons. I’ve found that those reasons are mostly unwarranted and unnecessary.

I’ve realized that there are also many in this country that do some of the things they do only out of pure hate in addition to doing things the same way their parents taught them and the way they grew up. Some how they were put into a rut and then a ditch that resembles a figurative endless circle of hate and habit. They think their way works because they have received some reaction or reward from those they hate. Most of the time, if they stop and think about it, their reward is the result of a real world action or process they have gone through anyway, part of systems put in place by good leaders of this country. However, they continuously feel the need to give anybody they hate pure hell while they are going through established processes they are totally eligible for anyway.

Time and time again, instance after instance, it looks like most of the adversity has come from the political Left and I used to wonder why my father bought into what they have to offer. I do not wonder anymore, I know why and part of that is just the type of person he is as an individual. However, I am glad that my Hispanic brothers and Sisters have woken up from the deep sleep brought over them by the ideologies of the political Left and some RHINOS on the political Right. Both sides of the isle call using an individual or a group of individuals “Selling a horse across the isle.” I’ve never liked that phrase or meaning and it looks like within these past two years certain people either in or outside of politics have sold Hispanic horses across the isle from Southern America. I do not like any of this.

In the past I have gone through instances where I have been used only for the fact that I am Mexican. However, I am only part Mexican. I am half German and my last name originates from Spain as does my family. Some bad political groups like to equivocate with the word Mexican in addition to the saying “Get a Mexican to do it.” None of this is good, should be done, or recommended especially with the LEXIT movement. Since there are many more Hispanics leaving the political Left this makes me happy and even more confident that a people more similar to me will be able to take part in more of the positive aspects the political Right has to offer. It’s just always good to have more like minded individuals that think more the same and might have similar experiences.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not favoring Latinos over any other race. I’ve had bad experiences with individuals that are Asian, African American, and Hispanic to include Caucasian. Of course my father is Hispanic and I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with him. It disappoints me when I’ve come across another Hispanic individual that thinks they’re a “Cholo” gangster and they think their beliefs are more macho than mine. I can tell the way they rationalize things are just not right and more often than not the aspects they have tried to explain to me are not backed by facts or logic.

However, when any number of people are woken up from a deep sleep of lies and years of nonsense and rhetoric this tells me that they have been given the gift of being able to learn for themselves what they need to do to obtain a better way of life. I know and have felt the same way they have. More like minded people means that this lessens those that believe in lies, nonsense, and rhetoric and is less for those that love power and control out of hate and greed. Their desires usually do not lead to prosperity, but the opposite does.


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