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Why I Love Coffee & Why You Might Too.

Imagine waking up. You might or might not already have a lot on your mind. Either way, you know you have a coffee maker. Your favorite coffee roast is your staple and what you look forward to every morning. Your morning cup of coffee could be what gets you out of bed, that little burst of excitement that you know for sure will give you some inspiration. You make your way into the kitchen going through your routine or ritual making your cup.

Woman drinking a cup of coffee.

You might be the kind of person that likes to stand next to your coffee maker to watch it work its magic so you can start to focus your thoughts. You might be the type of person that fires up the coffee maker with your blend and you set to work getting dressed and doing other things for the day. Either way, when that rich aroma hits your senses you are almost there and you feel a little burst of exhilaration.

If it’s warm outside you might like to drink your coffee outside in the wee hours of the morning watching the sun come up. Or if it’s cold outside you might find your favorite comfortable spot in your home to think about what you need to do. This is what your thoughts might switch to while your coffee maker is working. Then you go for the creamer remembering how much you want to put in your cup. Depending on the type of morning and how awake you are already you might decide to experiment putting a little more or a little less with the coffee unless your the type that just likes your coffee black.

A cup of espresso, notepad, and pen.

Your coffee is made, you pick up your cup, and you blend some creamer in. You take a little sip to make sure your mix is just right adding some if it’s not. The sun is not quite not up yet as you make your way outside. Either you sit down or stay standing depending on how you feel. You might pause to take in the scenery before and around you listening to the birds chirp or the wind blow slightly through the trees. If you’re in the city the air might be crisp, smell new, and you hear sounds of taxi cabs making their way toward their future customers. The city is not quite awake yet.

After you get comfortable and take notice of your surroundings you take your first sip. You might hold the coffee taste in your mouth for a moment enjoying the taste or you might just take in the taste as it “hit’s the spot.” You breathe in and exhale slowly as the inspiration begins to come to you. You are grounded and focused to where you want to be and there is a sense of happy exhilaration and confidence not very similar to other rituals you might do. Yes, there is a sort of magic about coffee for the fact that most people know your coffee routine is something all your own. It’s special and unique to you.

Some people also drink coffee for different reasons. They might drink a cup more than once throughout their day. Some do to stay awake when they have a lot to do and some drink their coffee for various reasons. Sometimes it’s not just the fact that you have a lot of work to do. But, when you have the opportunity to make another cup of coffee that means you have to wait for your cup to be made and you have an excuse to take a sort of pre-break to get ready in enjoying what you know is to be enjoyed in your cup. After that little dynamic, you also know you are about to be inspired again. Your cup of coffee during the day not only gives you inspiration but it also gives you some strength, re-grounds, and focuses you. Only a cup of coffee has this magic for the fact that your cup of coffee is also unique to you and is a small extension of your personality.

A person drinking a cup of coffee sitting in front of a computer, table, notebook, and phone.

Other times your reasons for making another cup of your blend is purely reasons of your own. That is unique and specific to you. However, you can be sure that some of those same feelings you get at other times in the day you can choose to have with you when you drink your cup for any other reason you choose.

Coffee is also special because it goes awesome with books of any kind. Sitting down with a cup of coffee and a good book, together, has a magic all its own. Your cup of coffee helps to keep you focused giving you just the right amount of distraction when you need a mental break, taking a sip, and thinking about what you just read. As you take a sip you are able to think about different aspects, concepts, and ideas that might also give you inspiration or understanding. In addition to that there is also a novel smell and excitement of a new book and new cup of fresh coffee. I will say if there is any habit to have its that. That’s why I love coffee.

By Jamin Chavez


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