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What Might Happen If We Get Past “Fake News & Controversy?” #SNRTG

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Previously I wrote a blog article called “Fake News Vs Trump News.” In the article I explain the difference between the two and why both are controversial. It seems as if Trump News is a buzz phrase news personalities use to refer to the world of President Trump or everything Trump. Fake News is what, not only President Trump, but also many in the United States refer to as, basically, tabloid like news where there seems to be a little bit of truth but a lot of nonsense.

Now we have the “Meauller Report” with over 400 pages of information basically saying there was not any U.S. Collusion with Russia over the 2016 Presidential Campaign and Election. We have proven the innocence of President Trump and are now working on completing the U.S. Southern Border Wall, Infrastructure, and Healthcare. Riots have died down in the streets and some of the controversy has died down about the “Russia Hoax”. While perusing through news articles it seems as if a lot of the news has tamed some, seems kind of mundane, and yet still centered around “Trump News” and tragedy.

I’m not saying a lot of news about everything President Trump is doing is bad because that’s not. America needs to know what and how our President is doing so we can help, collectively, as American Citizens and he can help us as our President both receiving a duplex of information. The Democrats and RINO’s still want to sit around or continue to obstruct, which does not help very much. When President Trump tries to do this or that, they counter with comments, accusations, and controversy. This gets the news and media “a buzz” and it fills up headlines and news articles with what is created every day as “Fake News Vs Trump News”. The news about President Trump is more relevant and true than the Fake News, but what about the other important aspects of our nation, society, and culture?

Yes, the other news articles are available for people that want to know what other events are happening, News, and Media organizations have to make a living too. However, if we keep focusing on “Fake News Vs Trump News” and Controversy we might become a permanent fixture of our daily lives and minds drowning out other aspects that are very important too. The reason why I make a distinction between other news articles being available and headlines is that from a societal, philosophical, and political standpoint what exactly is our aim and goals as a nation when it comes to the big picture? I know President Trump and his Executive Team have their agenda, which is not bad. But, from a citizen perspective imagine yourself going about your daily routine and thinking about what’s been on the news consistently for the last year and a half. What’s been the main two themes? That’s right “Face News Vs Trump News” and Controversy.

The two major subjects are very distracting. What about all the parents that want to know which direction America is taking STEM or Science and Technology in general so they can better plan for their children’s education and root for NASA and SpaceX when they have a successful launch. I believe Astronauts, NASA, SpaceX, and other organizations similar to them need Americans support. The two distinctions between other available news articles and headlines, which ones do you think Americans will pay more attention to with the things that matter most? How do the news and media organizations gauge what is more important? Do they make these decisions based on what will generate the most attention and revenue, are the looking out for Americans, or are the choices a balance drawing upon standards and ethics found within Professional News Associations?

Education, Industry, and Housing are three very important and broad topics that Americans need to know about. If we don’t have a place to live, our borders protected, if we are not educate to the best of our abilities and what our country has to offer, and we do not have the best educated students Industry will begin to suffer. This ecosystem is not something we should ignore. Their strengths depend on each other and when one area is lacking other areas begin to weaken as well. If we do not pay attention to the quality and importance of education especially STEM we risk weakening the structure of our Industry and Capitalism. If we don’t provide or know where and when to place importance on various portions of our Industry sectors and Housing we won’t be able to partake effectively in our ecosystem of Capitalism putting revenue back through to our education systems, creating, and sustaining our professions.

Each American citizen has the great potential, collectively, to contribute to important decisions in the previously discussed areas of our society. However, we know some of the reasons why we have had to place so much attention and importance on “Fake News Vs Trump News”. But, what I’m about to explain reminds me of the depiction of a fragmented hard drive. You know, when your computer is running slow and you use one of your software tools to unfragment the hard drive making it run more efficiently and effectively? Our hard drive, as a nation, seems to be weighted and have more volume of “Fake News Vs Trump News” than some of the other very important areas in our society. If we could somehow defragment our nations hard drive and make the other areas of news and media reporting more balanced across the board Americans might get a balanced report throughout the day. Defragment does not mean to delete everything, rather it rearranges everything on the hard drive so the rest of the computer and programs can make better use of the information in a more tidy manner.

Of course rescuing people from a burning building is important to know about, how our economy is doing, and why Congress might agree or disagree with President Trump. However, all of a sudden noticing a big decline in our education statistics is important to know about too and why. That might not sound as interesting but the lasting and multi faceted effects have the potential to become tragic as well. But why? Do you think anybody can answer that question? Probably not because we don’t hear that enough on the news and media even though if importance is not placed on that Americans won’t take as much notice and the lasting effects, like I stated, could be tragic in and of themselves.

Dabble more in the News Association standards and give a little more effort in deciding what the most important topics are for Americans when it comes to principles and values not monetization. Then the various portions of our society will begin to wake up, rise to their feet, know and choose where to go more precisely instead of being lead, and then contribute their support and decisions to help this great country of the United States of America move forward to new horizons.


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