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What Does Ivanka Trump, Coffee, Ethiopia, & The Women’s Initiative Have in Common? #trends #SNRTG

Ivanka Trump recently left the United States on a trip to Africa towards Ethiopia, the birthplace of Coffee. Quoted from Instagram Ivanka Trump states “The story tells… a shepard named Kaldi witnessed his goats acting strangely after consuming coffee beans. He brought the beans to monks who burned them noticing it kept them up all night. It was later used in the form we know today as coffee.” She stopped by the “Dumerso Coffee Shop”, in Addis Abbaba, where she took part in a coffee ceremony learning about the origins of coffee.

Mrs. Trump’s visit to Ethiopia is part of an initiative by the Trump Administration to help empower women around the world. This helps women’s development and prosperity. Later it was announced at the “Dumerso Coffee Shop” a local women’s focused bank a loan, backed by USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and issued by them to help fund business activities.

There are also pictures of Ivanka Trump sitting at a weaving loom next to one of the local women that work at the weaving shop. But, what do these things have in common? Innovation, prosperity, technology, and literacy is what these events have in common. Even though the United States has turned to Nationalism with the Trump Administration this doesn’t mean we don’t support and help people in other countries. A people can still love their country and help people in other countries enjoy their way of life in their own way. All this takes is perspective and understanding.

Even though we have programs like STEM there are STEM programs in other countries as well originating in the United States. Part of the STEM initiative is to help people in the United States and people in other countries to become more literate through education in technology, specifically all the elements that make up the acronym of STEM. Those are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Some fun facts are that the first known computer was the Abacus developed in China. However, the first working computer larger and more complex than the Abacus was the Jacquard Loom. From 1752 – 1854 this complex machine was developed by Joseph Marie Jacquard using a system of punch cards. He demonstrated that a set of unskilled workers were able to complete a complex process of weaving silk using the loom. This was not to spotlight the fact they were unskilled rather help make their work easier, more efficient, and effective. To operate a machine such as the Jacquard loom the workers had to be skilled somewhat, gaining experience, in the machines operation.

Also, Ada Lovelace is considered the first computer programmer. She is not only considered the first computer programmer but also the first female computer programmer. She was a gifted mathematician and met Charles Babbage, father of the “Difference Engine”, at the age of 17. She wrote an interesting article on the device adding early concepts to computer programming and creating the first computer program.

These two previous fun facts add to the initiative by Ivanka Trump and her mission to empower and help women everywhere to become more prosperous. Also, education, literacy and books, coffee, and technology just go awesome together. I’m sure you’re familiar with the name of “Java”. Java is a programming language used on more than a million devices. It is a common theme that computer programmers love consuming coffee in which Java is not only the name of a technology organization and programming language but also an affectionate term we have given coffee. Besides no matter what you are studying or reading it is also a really awesome feeling to sit down with your favorite cup of coffee and a book. The smell and aroma of a new book and coffee give a person a feeling of exhilaration, future possibilities, and ingenuity, unlike most other combinations. These combinations give motivation to learners and readers everywhere.

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