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The Soulmate Imbalance Needs Physical Balance #SNRTG

There are many belief systems nowadays and one of those belief systems is in the belief of soulmates, Wicken, Pagan, or Witchcraft. There are two worlds which are a reality for those that believe, the spiritual world and reality or the physical world. What I am concerned about is the belief in soulmates. I believe that this is totally possible. However, soulmates, when found, are also meant to be together in the physical or real world. There must be a balance between both. It seems to me that many more have taken on this belief system but they cannot wait for the physical world.

People sensitive to the spiritual aspects of this life or the spiritual world/realm have become impatient. This is parallel to the “gimme I want things now” attitude many have taken on in the past decade. I look around and it seems people are mostly in some sort of daze. Everybody should have felt some sort of spirituality at some point in their life and if an individual were to think about this there is spirituality, invisible feelings that come in contact with our own sense of self that clash or mesh. We are capable of feeling the difference even though we cannot see what is around or within us, but we know the unseen entities are there.

If I am not the only individual that has felt the experiences of spirituality then you understand what I am trying to explain. What is the substance of love anyway? Is that something we feel and know to recognize and be or is that something we can put in a container and sell? I’m sure we know the answer to this, if not we are in trouble. For the fact that we know love is a feeling and know to be true when recognized that is where the belief in soulmates came from. Has anybody ever had that empty aching feeling when the individual they love or have feelings for is not with them physically but all of a sudden that feeling went away after thinking about the familiar feeling of that person and then recognizing that feeling was with you comforting you? This dynamic is also where the belief in soul mates came from. Many people have felt these feelings at least more than once.

However, noticing the behavior of people around me it seems as if they have been spending too much time reaching for their soul mate instead of being with them physically. If an individual were to stretch their perspective and understanding to comprehend the dynamics of a spiritual realm or world, when they think they understand they might be apt to take advantage of the possibility of spending too much time with their spiritual soulmate, THERE. Worse than that, the other individual they think they have found to be their soulmate which might not be what they expected. How exactly would an individual be one hundred percent sure they have found their match?

We have become anxious for many reasons. Some of those reasons is that reaching through the spiritual realm might become too easy. If we think we have something and are capable of communicating with the spirits of other individuals we might cease to go through the physical processes and methods of dating and courtship. This explanation is compounding. Because this might be too easy why pay for online dating, why take the risk of walking right up to another you’re interested in only to be potentially shot down, and why take the effort to get to know somebody in the physical world when you could sit on your couch daydreaming thinking your getting to know the individual your interested in when you might or might not have the ability to communicate through the spiritual world? This might or might not be possible, this might or might not work for some, some might or might not understand, and on a more reality level I’m sure there are those that say they have experience in this.

I’m explaining these dynamics for the fact that I have been paying attention to many many variables and this seems like it could be an explanation, a complex one, but an explanation as to why our relationships seem to have become distorted or warped. Either way in many types of partnerships, circumstances, and dynamics there needs to be a balance. Having too much of one dynamic or ability leaves unourished the other. We lose touch and experience with the other. This is similar to how an astronauts muscles become weaker if they do not exercise in space. Loss of gravity is not something we can see, we see the effects but we can not see that. To keep the balance within the body it’s necessary for astronauts to exercise. This is similar to psychological aspects of our mind, body, and spirit with respect to our feelings and emotions when it comes to dating, relationships, and emotions. There needs to be a balance and there needs to be dating and relationship exercise.

Long distance relationships are not easy and in most cases put a strain on the relationship ending in divorce or a breakup. There are many aspects of a relationship that two individuals can enjoy. But, imagine being together physically and then trying to do the same things five or six states away or in another country for more than a year or two. Not easy and there are many things that were once there that are not. It becomes too easy for another man or woman to step in and take the place of the significant other. Why is this? This is because of the physical aspects we have the ability to experience that have their intrinsic worth to our spirit whether we like that, accept that, or not. We might be spiritually separate from a significant other but the aspects we know about our immediate self and spirit cannot be separated from us. We feel the difference and ignoring the differences in how we feel personally about those can desensitize us from what makes us whole.

Being able to feel things spiritually or enjoy the feelings of a soulmate too much has the potential to devalue the worth of even a soulmate relationship. If we say we can feel the presence and communicate with our soulmate, and we place importance on that, then we find these dynamics become too easy to experience the relationship has become devalued, and we move on to another over and over. Putting in the effort, time, and work in experiencing aspects of both the physical and spiritual portions of our worlds creates a healthy balance of self satisfaction, accomplishment for both individuals, and accomplishment for both individuals as one or a team, and we know each other way more than if we just say we know each other day dreaming into thin air. Having a balance and actually putting in the effort makes the relationship worth much much more, that also has much much more meaning to us.

If we have come to enjoy the benefits of having a soulmate relationship too much, the more people that do that, that also means we have lost the necessary skills to interact and work on the physical aspects of our relationships. We become even more afraid of being hurt even before we say a word to the individual we are interested in. Things become compounded, we become indecisive, we become depressed, we decide not to try, and then go on to satisfy empty pleasures that don’t really have much meaning anymore anyway because we’ve done those too much chasing after waterfalls so-to-speak. None of the negative dynamics I’ve talked about should continue to happen. We need to have a balance in our relationships and being able to see and interact with an individual right in front of us can be exciting and exhilarating. If YOU are an individual that believes in soulmates and have spent too much time with those dynamics and aspects what are the things YOU are missing and what would your life be like if YOU had those? Sure, I believe in soulmates, but only if we are together physically. Otherwise how would I know the difference in YOUR absence?


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