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The Sanctity of The Human Mind


Imagine waking up in a dark room. You do not know how you got there or why you are there. You have been given a sedative to where you have limited use of your limbs and you realize a virtual headset has been affixed, covering your eyes. You become scared and have a panic attack. Everything goes numb and you feel like you cannot breathe. As you fall into the pits of despair and prepare to meet your maker, you hear a voice that tells you to just stay calm and try to breathe. The moment you become prepared to die, you begin breathing again. Then you really wonder if this is not a dream.

You are fully conscious knowing you are present but feel as if trapped inside your own body. Upon closer examination, and after you calm down, you realize faintly that there are metal arms, legs, and servos controlling your limbs. What you see in the virtual headset is the environment you knew everyday to be in the real world. You hear the voice again, yelling at you and making fun of every thought calling you names. However, the equipment attached to you is barely noticeable and you begin to wonder if you have not gone crazy. What you see and hear before you is just like real life and after a while you forget and cannot tell the difference.

Days go by and you begin to notice slight differences in your normal behavior, mannerisms, and characterization. You might think, I know where I am and who I am. My spatial awareness seems normal, but you find yourself spacing out all the time. While spaced out you move around and begin doing things as if you were conscious and sleep walking at the same time. It’s not you though and you forgot what was really controlling you.

This scenario is something out of a horror and science fiction movie or novel, however there are very real scenarios in day to day life that are just as similar. One example is being the target of a person that is a clinical sociopath or psychopath. A second example is being in an abusive relationship where the other person consistently drains you mentally and emotionally. A third example is being the victim of extreme bullying, cyber bullying, or getting kidnapped and being abused in various ways. All of these are examples of where people can be the victims of not just abuse, but the sanctity of their minds have been violated.

Psychological, or mental, and emotional abuse from another individual or group of individuals break a person down. The attacker or abuser pays close attention to the persons likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies, habits, emotional and physical reactions to various stimuli, and everything they can use as a weapon against you. Their main focus is to gain power over you, use you, and once they’re done using you they try to destroy you when you are not of value to them anymore. This process is an articulate way of saying they try to and have gotten into your head so-to-speak.

One group that comes to my mind is the manipulative and subversive nature of Radical or Extreme Feminists and their use of Romanticism. I have seen and experienced some of their methods. One example is when a man is doing something and the woman interacting with him just happens to be an Extreme Feminist. Everything he does and every move he makes she makes little sounds of disappointment and dismay. Naturally it is a persons desire to be liked and appreciated. However, when we encounter a person that expresses their disappointment in everything we do, we become nervous, we lose focus, we think there is something wrong with us, and we begin to lose our confidence. This is a subtle tactic used frequently by abusive women towards men. Intermittent use of this tactic will most likely not get the woman in trouble, but frequent and incessant use of this tactic in a work environment or in a relationship would definitely draw and be cause for concern.

Using the disappointment tactic means that the woman is paying close attention to everything the man is doing. At just the right moment she expresses her disappointment. In effect, she has gotten inside his head and has a certain amount of control over his psychi. A lot of men do not need much approval from women. However, Radical and Extreme Feminists prey on the weak and they are good at spotting them. They use men and the tender minded as examples for the rest of society as a show of strength. Targeting a strong man takes a group and asymmetrical effort of Radical or Extreme Feminists.

Sociopaths and Psychopaths have a social and psychological disorder to where they totally lack empathy and most if any emotions and remorse for what they do. If they realize that you are on to them, what they are about, and what they are doing they will do everything in their power to systematically break you down and destroy you. They will pit other people against you, lie about you, stab you in the back, and design scenarios specifically tailored to your personality to get you in trouble. Bit by bit they chip away at everything you are and you feel like you do not have any control nor anywhere they are not.

Groups of individuals sometimes have the same effect as Sociopaths and Psychopaths. They put together a group effort to break a person down and destroy them. They might secretly make a pact to not expose each other just in case. They watch a person’s every move, where they go, what they eat, their habits, and then they isolate them so that when there is trouble they only have themselves and their own word.

The sanctity of the human mind should never be violated without just cause or a very good reason. When the previous mentioned types of individuals try to get into someones mind to attack, to control, to use, to hurt, to break down, cause mental and emotional harm, and to ultimately destroy them for their own selfish purposes this is violating the sanctity of the human mind. To me, this should be a human rights violation. When everything else fails and we do not have anywhere else to turn we should be able to be with our immediate selves. The word sanctity comes from the word sanctum similar to sanctuary. A sanctum is a spiritual and sacred place to be respected, to be honored, to be protected from external influences. A person is supposed to be safe in a sanctum.

If we as individuals and humans cannot be safe in our own minds from the external influences of the world where else do we have to go? Imagine if, at the same time, various groups of individuals were attacking one other individual but not the same individual each time. Thousands of groups across the country attacking one or more individuals simultaneously while some of those individuals were part of another group attacking somebody else. Interesting to ponder, though. This would be a sort of “Gangs of New York” scenario. Each groups purpose would be to do the same malicious things previously mentioned. We as human beings might be able to adapt to these kinds of mental and emotional abuses but how long as a human race, a nation, and society would we be able to let those types of dynamics continue before something else much worse happens?

I have seen and experienced some of these dynamics myself. Recently in the news Roger Stone basically stated that he had become “broke”. He used to be rich, but events and choices had depleted his bank account paying for attorney and court fees. I do not know the specifics of the event or what happened, but my point is different. My point is that when a group or faction decides to destroy somebody depending on how important they are they will chip away at that person bit by bit and piece by piece. They go about gathering information on the person such as their idiosyncrasies, their habits, where and when they go places, personal preferences, and mental and emotional reactions to various stimuli that the group sometimes creates situations for. What was once a highly thought of individual now becomes broken down and weakened because a group or faction decided to destroy their credibility. The group or faction decided that individual was important and if allowed to succeed they would be the one person to, in turn, take them down.

I do not believe that McCarthyism, as we think about that and in general is what’s happening in today’s society. What I understand from our modern society is that McCarthyism is the processes and methods McCarthy used which in turn were his mistakes that brought him down. It seems as if we have been ignoring the processes and methods other people used to get him to make mistakes and in turn discredit him that we are not thinking about. Those same methods and processes are similar to the ones a group, sociopath, psychopath, or faction uses to tear into the sanctity of an individuals mind causing them to make serious mistakes or ultimately go crazy.

It is my hypothesis that the political Left or the Democratic Socialists have been the prime users and benefactors of these processes and methods. If we are to succeed and continue to move forward as a Nation, both the Old Guard Democrats and Republicans need to take a stand together to protect the sanctity of each and every Americans mind. Level the playing field, give each and every individual an opportunity to be and express themselves in who and what they are, and protect individuals from the despair of mental and emotional abuse that to me should be a human rights violation.


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