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Android Initial Set Up For Orion Net Project Audio Methods

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Tech Nerd Culture Review of the “MultiTone PRO” App

The “MultiTone PRO” App, by Thomas Gruber, is very useful for audio electronic applications. I’ve been using this app for at least a year. The app also has a white, pink, brown, blue, violet, and grey noise generator and can generate four different types of waveforms from 0 to 22000 HZ such as sine, square, triangle, and ramp up sawtooth.White noise is a very useful granular synthesized audio noise good for dispersing cognitive dissonance and excess BEM (bioelectromagnetism). But, I needed something more efficient and slightly different.

When I first started using MultiTone PRO I was searching for an application to decrease cognitive dissonance and excess BEM. The app worked very well mixed with the onboard white noise. However, I just wish there were only a ramp down sawtooth waveform. Some people might be looking for a way to calm their mind or get rid of annoying sounds which is part of the reason for the ramp down sawtooth waveform suggestion. With the ramp up sawtooth waveform I noticed that sounds and audio stuck more modulated with music or synthesized noise. When I switched to another app, such as “The Oscillator” that worked much better and the energy within MY mind went down exponentially and fast, not to mention The Oscillator contains an onboard lowpass filter.

Don’t get ME wrong MultiTone PRO is extremely powerful, well programmed, very well organized, aesthetic, user-friendly easy to intellectualize, easy to set-up upon download with little instruction and even has the latest feature of sequencing various frequencies and waveforms. This is very useful especially if YOU are looking for an awesome frequency driver that will switch sequencing at various time intervals.

What would make MultiTone PRO extremely useful is if the ramp up sawtooth waveform was switched with a ramp down sawtooth waveform. This, I believe, would also aide and enhance in the modular synthesis characteristics of the granular noise features. The developers might even want to add green noise. I have found green noise to be extremely powerful in addition to Schumann’s Resonance. I believe the main purpose of MultiTone PRO is to create and test specific and various features of audio electronics. However, like I stated previously a user might be looking for something more powerful than simply using the generic white noise app.

There are at least two more apps similar to MultiTone PRO where the user can up to sixteen various waveforms with the previous mentioned features. Also and not last but least Tech Nerd Culture approves, MultiTone PRO is fully compatible with “audiobus“, an audio platform where multiple apps can be synced, programmed, networked if so chosen, and played at the same time. Every one of the mentioned apps can be found in the Apple App Store.