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Sonic, A Memoir

I remember playing Sonic when I was younger. Sega, to me, was just as awesome as Nintendo or Atari. In some ways Sega was ahead of its time and its a shame that the market and people were not ready to catch up to their innovativeness.

I had a Nintendo so every opportunity I got I used to go over to my friends house and try my best at Sonic. To me playing this game was a challenge and a test of skill because a player had to focus on the movement of Sonic throughout the various mazes. There was a lot of movement and it was similar to playing a pinball game only vertically, plus there was more you could do to manipulate the pinball. But in this case it was Sonic and in other instances Tales.

The person playing Sonic had to have good eye/hand coordination and quick reflexes. If they didn’t after playing Sonic for a while they would at least walk away better than when they started. To me, that was at least one reason why I’ve always enjoyed playing video games.

I also enjoyed the music and themes that were a part of the Sonic game. Somehow it seemed as if the vibrant colors and music helped keep a person focused on what they were doing and moving around the hero character, Sonic. I believe that this type of video game would come in handy while learning how to drive and reflexes, multitasking, or thinking quick on how to situate various artistic elements while using your creative skills.

Video games have become an important part of our society and culture. I even remember some hubbub about adding video game competitions to the Olympics. I’m not exactly sure about that area but I would not get to excited or go crazy about that. But, as long as video games don’t become too addictive or taken in the extreme I’m sure there are various areas in which video games have their niche and are positive. Taking a break from work and playing a game of Sonic might add to your creativeness. Plus, if I remember right video games actually got their beginnings in a small town in the state of Iowa. There’s some trivia for you and if you can figure out the name of the town you’d definitely have something to talk about.

To everybody out there that still enjoys sitting down and playing a good game of Sonic, cheers. Some of you probably still like to play on one of the old Sega systems but I also know it comes in various formats. For those that like to be nostalgic, a double cheers because I like to do the same thing when I have the opportunity.


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