Services Offered


PPHC Compass Publisher does

  • Logo & Trademark Design (Graphic Design)
  • Business hour sign design
  • Business card design
  • And any design YOU want put on a sign to catch customers attention
  • PPHC Compass Publisher uses Vistaprint

Jamin Chavez's Qualifications Computer Science


For the DIY Indie author YOU know having a website is important

YOU’RE independent, intelligent, and savvy

But, not every Indie author has Computer Science Skills or experience in Web Development

That’s why PPHC Compass Publisher is here for YOU

The Solution

  • For $20, PPHC Compass Publisher can find a solution to your headache in under an hour with “Repair my site”
    • Some problems can be repaired even quicker depending on the problem.
      • Contact us and we will get with you ASAP. PPHC Compass Publisher TO THE RESCUE
        • After we receive YOUR email or “Chat” request we will determine the complexity of your problem and the solution. You will get one of two forms to sign and return to us, either the “Free Form” or the “Paid Form.”

Web Design

Author Website Building

Are you an author and need a website? I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Landing page”. YOU’VE come to the right place.


Some authors begin writing as a hobby and other’s make that into a career. No matter what you want to do, there are a lot of advantages in having your own website, and PPHC Compass Publisher can build YOU a custom author website. We use WordPress to build websites which offers unbeatable prices and awesome functionality for what you want to do. We also build business websites including eCommerce.

  1. Why a website? QUESTIONS? Tap or click here or chat with the “Blue” box
    • We use technology and social media for most of the things we do and for authors you want people to know about your latest book.
    • Having a website is an awesome way to display what kind of author you are.
    • Having a website also showcases not only your latest book but also your other literary works. Most likely if readers loved your latest work they will be able to find the rest of your work on your website making conversion easier.
    • You can connect all of your social media accounts to your website and share content from there.
    • You can add various forms of payments, fulfill signature requests, and then ship your books to your fans. Any questions, just ask.
    • New Indie Authors and Authors that don’t have a website yet get a 50% discount. Poets get a 75% discount due to the nature of their work.
  2. Below are total estimates of having PPHC Compass Publisher build a website for YOU QUESTIONS? Tap or click here or chat with the “Blue” box
    • Free
    • Blogger from $800
    • Personal from $850
    • Premium from $950
    • Business from $1300
    • eCommerce from $1900
      • We do not charge for Domain Name creation.
      • Hosting is based on WordPress plans and prices included in total cost for one year as indicated below.
      • Prices vary depending on how elaborate you want your site to be.
      • Continued website maintenance is optional – $35 monthly recurring or try our REPAIR MY SITE option for occasional maintenance.
 “ Plans and Pricing – Get Started for Free Today!”, 1 Feb. 2019,
Tap or click on the image above or below to go directly to
“ Plans and Pricing – Get Started for Free Today!”, 1 Feb. 2019,
Tap or click on the image above or below to go directly to
“ Plans and Pricing – Get Started for Free Today!”, 1 Feb. 2019,

3. What are my payment options?

  • Monthly
    • You pay 10% of the total cost as a down payment and then monthly payments for one year or until paid in full. Free quote.
  • Up-front
    • You pay the total cost. Free quote.

4. Would you like a quote? Please Tap or click to get YOUR quote.


1 thought on “Services Offered

  1. I had a problem with my website and Jamin Chavez was quick to assist me and get my site looking much better than I could ever imagine. I am not only grateful for his knowledge that saved me time and headaches, but as someone with *zero* knowledge how to make anything on the internet look appealing, I am also grateful for his kindness and great customer service.

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