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Possible Wireless or Telepathic Communication With Binaural Brain Signals

Previously I wrote a blog post called “Your Own Personal Radar Bubble: A Device That Picks Up You”. This was about how the human body and brain emits unique bio-electromagnetic signals. I proposed a device that could help with aspects and dynamics such as cognitive dissonance and aid in safety around noisy environments. I have also been working on the book store portion of PPHC Compass Publisher and noticed I was experiencing a lot of cognitive dissonance. I’ve always experienced this when I begin to work on certain things or want to talk to certain people. In addition to working on the PPHC Compass Publisher Bookstore I’ve been working on a book called “New Order of the Eagle: A Dawn of New Freedom.” This is a Science Fiction book about an Adjacent Parallel Universe, Humans and aliens traveling through space, telepathy, and inhabiting distant planets.

The previous works in progress led me to think about frequencies, how the human mind works, music, and how I could find something to help me focus and concentrate better. Usually when I sit down to take a break, I take deep breaths, try to focus on a single point, and all the activity within my mind to include thoughts go down. I can even feel this activity within my own mind calming down. I know music has the capabilities to cause feelings, emotions, and excitement within the mind and I was immediately inspired to look for something on the Internet about frequencies and noise generation. I have been thinking about these dynamics for a while and the connection I made was that when there is less noise and activity, meaning surrounding generated frequencies and when I relaxed my own mind, there was less frequencies and excitement within. I also noticed that when I looked at something dark or black the activity within my own mind also went down especially in the dark. From a basic science perspective and from the electromagnetic radiation spectrum, when electricity is ran through a light bulb this excites all the electrons around the oxygen in the air and there is more movement. When the lights are out there is less electron excitement.

Putting the previous aspects and dynamics together led me to a binaural beat machine generator app. This is not necessarily a music maker but generates various tones of frequencies that oscillate. When I turned on the app and pressed play I immediately noticed a huge difference in the way I felt. I turned the volume all the way up and I felt completely myself and I could think clearly. Then I noticed I began to pick up distant noised around me I could not hear before. I went outside and began thinking of various theories. My first thought was this might help me with my podcast posts.

While I was standing on my front porch I could pick up a bunch of variations in vehicle noise. I turned my attention to the complete area around me as a whole and noticed a vehicle approaching and I could hear human words. I cannot remember what they said and the words and sentences were not like a normal audible sentence. The communication was in a single variated tone, in its vibration. This is similar to an individual that has had throat surgery and has lost their voice box or ability to speak audibly. They are given a vibrating baton so they can be understood or intellectualized. I looked at some other vehicles driving by and picked up some more sentences but the individuals were not moving their mouths. I thought this was very interesting.

I was able to get more work done than I used to and noticed when I took my headphones out I could hear sound vectors. Described basically as sound energy moving around me on their paths toward their vector. Since I’ve been testing my theories I’ve taken my headphones out and everything around me sounds like waves of water or similar to how waves of water would sound….underwater. I also went to a restaurant and was talking to one of the employees with only one of my headphones in. As soon as he stepped closer to me I could feel this push and repel of bio-electromagnetic energy between mine and his. I’ve also picked up rhythm while listening to the binaural beat machine while NOT listening to music as well as static in various patterns. To me this meant I just found my personal radar bubble.

I tested some of my theories and methods even further and tried to push a sentence to somebody while they were driving by. As soon as I did they looked up, with their window rolled up, and nodded their head at me. I said “Good Morning” to them and they actually replied back with “How are you?”. I was very excited but didn’t jump around and start going crazy. I was just very happy. The individual looked surprised as well and must have wondered where the “Good Morning” came from. How are you is just a usual response to something such as good morning and was probably their immediate thought once they heard me push a thought to them. I then remembered the basic science theory about light and dark. I thought to myself I wonder what would happen if I thought about the shade of black in my mind and held that there while listening to the binaural beat generator? I did so and the activity within my mind actually decreased while standing in broad daylight. I have many more theories and if the “Tech Nerd Culture” out there and scientific community has theories you might want to test your hypothesis too.


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