PPHC Compass Honors Those of 9/11

PPHC Compass salutes and honors the many men and women affected by the events of September 11th 2001. God bless those that have passed on from this life to the next and their families and friends. God bless the military members and police that gave selflessly of themselves to serve, preserve, and protect. God bless [...]

Biased News Media, Tech Organizations, and Search Algorithms

The picture you see above is not necessarily an algorithm. Rather the code you see are conditional statements that have the potential to directly affect an algorithm. Computer language conditional statements are logical statements, also called code, that give a program choices if certain conditions are met. This depends on the type of data that [...]

Credible Wisdom

When I think of the word credible I think of organizations, a person that is a professional that has notable wisdom, or literature that has a type of certification backing it. I think of these entities as possessing certain professional characteristics and traits. However, with some literature, even literature that is not widely known can [...]

Notable Wisdom

Wisdom is the culmination of experience, knowledge, and judgment gained through the action of making choices. The most important type of wisdom is the type we gain for ourselves in which we use to make our decisions. Even if we ask another for their wisdom, we still have the liberty to choose whether or not [...]

The Border Wall & America. Are We a Homeless Person or A Homeowner?

Imagine having a good paying job, a family, friends, a nice car, and nice home with all the accoutrements you are able to afford. You go to church and on weekends you might catch a game or spend time with family and friends. You are used to the American lifestyle because you have worked hard, [...]

Have the Humility to Stand the Ground, Wherever Your Feet Might Be and Fight

What does it really mean to be humble? Do we really understand the true meaning or has it been warped and twisted over the years by us? I am sure that there are some that truly know what it means to be humble, but it seems we have lost our way. Being humble has to [...]

Political Eagle Compared to a Political Owl

For your Sunday Of the United States our national bird is the Bald Eagle. The eagle has the capability to soar to any height and fly on any vector it needs to in order to accomplish its goal. The only things that would hinder it would be itself or an unjust hunter. The eagle is [...]

Conventional Wisdom

When I have asked a question, depending on the subject, it seems the majority of people I've met give me an answer of derision. It seems as if, in addition to the answer, they purport their demeanor with it. Adding the two together they have a concealed intention. When this happens I can't help but [...]

Book Review of “Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps” by Burgess Owens

I point out that the book "Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps" is Burgess Owens work and as Theodore Roosevelt said "the credit belongs to the man in the arena". I continue respectfully. This book is fascinating and is well written. Burgess Owens level of clarity and depth of [...]

“Fake News” Vs “Trump News”

Ranking the media from liberal to conservative, based on their audiences. (2014, October 21). Retrieved from https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2014/10/21/lets-rank-the-media-from-liberal-to-conservative-based-on-their-audiences/?utm_term=.bce1cfaf9cec Take a look at the graph above. This information was pulled from the Washington Post's website, in which I give credit. However, they in turn pulled their research from the Pew Research Center. Either they are trying to [...]

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