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Maria Brink, Her Music, Art Form, and It’s Uniqueness


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Last month, in July, I attended an “In This Moment” concert at the Silverstein Eye Center Arena in Independence Missouri. I became interested in music by “In This Moment” several years ago. This was because of not only some of the lyrics but the quality and depth of sound each instrument artist produces in sync with each other. According to an announcement by Maria Brink, this was the first concert of their tour, which in and of itself I thought was awesome. The band and its technical crew displayed some really awesome theatrics and the sound and skill of the band members was displayed with passion. This makes me think of a portion of the lyrics by Bob Seger, “Every ounce of energy you try to give away as the sweat pours out your body like the music that you play.” I realized that there was a purpose as to why they do what they do when I first started listening to them, but it was even more evident to me once I saw them in concert.

Maria Brink is the lead singer of the Band “In this Moment”. Growing up she had a difficult and troublesome childhood. She was born in New York, on 17 December 1977, and later moved to Los Angeles California to seek a better life. Her father was abusive and left the family while Maria was young and her mother had drug issues. However, based on some of the lyrics in her songs she definitely understands hardship and adversity. Because she understands, she is capable of reaching a portion of the audience that inspires them so that they might rise above and overcome the difficulties of this life. Sometimes difficulties in this life are not necessarily the cause of circumstance, but rather people, beliefs, and ideas. This denotes a quote from Rene Descartes which says “I think, therefore I am.”

I believe that there are a lot of her fans that misunderstand her, the message of her music, and the reasons why “In This Moment” displays the theatrics they do. Looking out over the crowd, at the concert, I could see people from various walks of life. Yes, I understood that many were there just to have a good time listening to the music and watch the show. But as I watched it was clear to me that they were displaying a form of Liberal Arts.

Liberal Arts and the political position and ideology of Liberalism are NOT the same. What Maria Brink and the band were displaying was a sub-category of Liberal Arts called Performing Arts. This is a form of artistic expression using ones voice, inanimate objects, and their bodies. Liberalism has “a hostility to concentrations of power that threaten the freedom of the individual and prevent him from realizing his full potential, along with a willingness to reexamine and reform social institutions in the light of new needs. This willingness is tempered by an aversion to sudden, cataclysmic change, which is what sets off the liberal from the radical. It is this very eagerness to welcome and encourage useful change, however, that distinguishes the liberal from the conservative, who believes that change is at least as likely to result in loss as in gain.”

However, Liberalism in the United States is used by the Democratic Party and I believe has been misused in the extreme. Today Liberalism, by being used in the extreme, verges toward Socialism as it is misused as a mode toward Socialism and transformed by the extreme Left.

We also have the Feminist “Pink Hatters” that, to quote Tomi Lahren, seek “special treatment”, a national poll showed 63 percent of Democratic-voting millennial’s identify as feminists compared to 29 percent of Republican millennial women, and “This isn’t surprising to me because I know many millennial women who though they believe in female empowerment and women’s rights they don’t consider themselves feminists anymore. Modern-day feminists have hijacked the term and have changed it into something that the original feminists would be horrified by, they’d be rolling in their graves if they saw what feminists have done with the movement. It’s become less about equal treatment and equal rights and more about special treatment.”

This is why I believe many might misunderstand Maria Brink, her music, her art form, and it’s uniqueness. She has several songs such as “Dirty Pretty”, “The Fighter”, “Half God Half Devil”, “Oh Lord”, “Roots”, and “Sex Metal Barbie”. The song “Dirty Pretty” explains the current culture in today’s society and what the media expect and portray women to be, act, think, and do. Coupling with what Tomi Lahren described about Feminists, the “Pink Hatters” actions recently (especially after President Trump was elected), and the song “Dirty Pretty” describes a revolt of free thinking, strong, determined women from the bonds of the media and Hollywood. This is explained in some of the lyrics which describes some of the tactics that are displayed by the Feminists Tomi Lahren is describing such as

“Maybe I am not all that I’ve learned
Close your eyes, and you twist and you turn
I know I am more than they see
I’m everything, everything is me

I won’t be what you want me to be

Your picture perfect vanity
I don’t want to be your dirty pretty”

The song “The Fighter” gives women hope that they will rise above and overcome the bonds, chains, and rhetoric of modern day Feminists. A sample of the lyrics are

“I don’t need you to save me
I don’t need you to cure me
I don’t need you
And your antidote
For I am my disease
I don’t need you to free me
I don’t need you to help me
I don’t need you
To lead me through the light
For I will always fall
And rise again
Your venomous howling
‘Cause I’m a survivor
Yeah I am a fighter
I will fall and rise above
And in your hate I find love”

And finally the song “Sex Metal Barbie” describes the tactics, rhetoric, and various conduits the political Left and media, today, use to influence every area of our society they can. The book “Liberalism or How To Turn Good Men Into Whiners Weenies and Wimps” by Burgess Owens sustains this conclusion in the first three chapters of his book.

“Excuse me, can you tell me what you’ve heard about my life?
Maybe a dirty little fairy tale, a girl of the night
I’ve heard that I grew up filthy, a trailer park queen
Dropout, pregnant, statistical teen

I know you’ve heard about the bloody knife
About my daddy’s perfect virgin and my mothers wife
You know I heard I don’t belong in this game
Still you hold your hands in the air, screaming my name, LET’S GO!

Baby go ahead, I’ll be your hatred and your pain

This is killing us all, I don’t care if I fall we’re the daring, we are the damned.
Baby go ahead, I’ll be the villain you can blame
I’ll be the belle of the brawl, be the lust in us all

I’m the diva of the damned.”

Maria Brinks use of theatrics and Performing Arts only helps to further portray and explain the lyrics in her songs and music. Basically, she understands the struggles that women go through in our modern day in age and is pushing back in her own way. Some of her other songs expose hypocrisy on other areas of politics and sociology. The substance and depth in the music of Metal help some, dissolve their frustration with the ideologies that are coming from Liberals, Democrats, and Socialists. Listening to this type of music, to me, is better than acting out in ways that might have adverse effects on a persons way of life, such as while lifting weights or running. This is a constructive way to put this type of music to good use because when a person realizes and understands the content, message, and why Maria Brink does what she does then they can move forward in improving the various other aspects of their life.

Even though Maria Brink portrays herself as the embodiment of what the modern day American Feminist and media thinks, acts, does, and feels I do not think that she is that type of person when she is not on stage. Look at her Twitter account, responses to her fans, her pictures, and how she is in some of her short movie clips. If there is a question as to some of her various types of content, sometimes when a person does not have anybody to help explain why they do what they do they resort to various other forms of expression. To say that Maria Brink IS what she portrays is total nonsense.

Maria Brink keep doing what you do, your intelligent, strong, and are a lady. Hopefully more women and men understand you now and I believe that you and “In This Moment” will continue to make a different and be stronger than ever.

By Jamin Chavez



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Book Review of “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals”

First I want to point out that the book “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” is Judge Jeanine Pirro’s work and as Theodore Roosevelt said “the credit belongs to the man in the arena”. Only in this case, the woman in the arena.

There were many points that caught my attention and some, at the same time, caused feelings of nationalism and patriotism to arise. However, in the last chapter she writes a quote that says, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” She explains that this can be found in the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.. I can imagine a professional such as herself reflecting on words from the wise. And that tells me what kind of person she is and where her principles are at her foundation.

I, myself can trace the principles of my foundation from the great book of the Holy Bible and there are many great words of wisdom found within. I understand, and also, this same book is the bulwark of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is good to know that there are professionals of U.S. Law like Judge Jeanine Pirro that are willing to stand up for what they believe and be an example for those looking for hope and justice.

The book begins by sweeping the whole nation and explaining that there are Liars, Leakers, and Liberals all across the United States. But, the greatest pool or swamp of them are located within the inner circles and Deep State of Washington D.C.. These types of people and groups are not just Democrats and Mindless followers, but they are also people that have great responsibility such as certain officials in the FBI and DOJ. Some of them are Republicans that stand by idle, watch, and don’t do anything as bad things happen. She explains what a RINO is, for those that don’t know, and those Republicans that stand by idle are those type.

Judge Jeanine also covers the Media and this includes Hollywood and the “Fake News” channels such as CNN, ABC, NBC, and other Liberal news channels. She explains how certain people in Hollywood think they have a Liberal moral obligation to go out on the streets, stand on a soap box, and spew nonsense without any base or facts to their arguments. To me most of the Liberals in Hollywood think that just because everyone can see them on the big screen and any other digital platform, people will listen to them and that it takes guts to stay skinny and sexy by being scrutinized for not looking like Ken or Barbey. But that’s how Mindless Followers are, people. However, Judge Jeanine repeatedly gives credit to the real heroes of this country, such as members of the U.S. Military, loyal cabinet members to President Trump, honest police officers and judges, and men and women of this country that want and continue to fight for freedom, the Constitution, the nations flag, and those that seek truth, justice, and equality.

She explains that soon after President Trump was elected to office huge masses of women, with pink hats, marched to the streets to protest in January of 2017. She literally had two prior Navy Seals on both sides of her while engaging protestors on the street, in conversation, and paints a detailed picture of what its like to be in a crowd of Liberal pink hat protestors. She asks them questions of what and why they are protesting and the majority of them did not even have a response. The ones that did, from what I read, did not make sense. Currently we have found that the protestors in the pink hats are Feminist protestors. That is my interpretation and what I understand.

Towards the end of the book Judge Jeanine explains her perspective of what kind of man President Trump is as compared to what the Media of the “Fake News” portrays. From my perspective I believe her. She has known President Trump for roughly thirty years and any person that scrutinizes or tries to portray their relationship in a bad light I will say they are wrong. From my interpretation, President Trump is a multifaceted man that works hard, complex at times, loves people, is sincere to those he cares about and trusts, and has principles and positive values that are seen in his actions whether they are seen by the public or not. But the “Fake News” and Liberal Media won’t explain that and they won’t report on his, and his cabinets accomplishments.

It is common for professionals to be friends. The best relationships, in my opinion, are those between two individuals that are capable of putting their principles and values at the forefront of their decisions in certain situations. From my experience of dealing with all kinds of people, in the Military and Equal Opportunity, I can see that they are those kind of professionals.

Finally, Judge Jeanine paints a very good picture and brings to light the tactics and games that Liars, Leakers, and Liberals plan and put into action. She has been a police officer, a DA, and the first female Judge of West Chester County in New York. Her book “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” acts as a lighthouse for people, that hold American patriotism and nationalism as part of their values, looking a guiding light.

I urge those looking for a guiding light and truth to read “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” and draw inferences and conclusions of their own. Then act on what you have learned by putting those values of nationalism and patriotism to work by exercising your right to vote, taking part in important discussions, supporting aspects of this nation that are important to you, and supporting the winning team of President Trump.

By Jamin Chavez

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The Importance of Education & Experience

The first subject that comes to my mind on this topic is Common Core. Several years ago I would see posts on Facebook, Twitter, and the news about how students were frustrated with the “New Math”. This was in 2015 but it began in 2009. Parents and individuals were outraged and frustrated and it seemed as if no matter how loud they protested they were stuck with it. This is a huge problem.

I have a problem with SFL or Socialism, Feminism, and Liberalism which can also be restated as Progressive-ism. This should be SFLP. These ideologies have been lurking in the shadows, quietly, kept secret, and masked by the various individuals and groups that champion them. These are held by the left which is also better known as the Democrats. However, there are some Democrats that are very good at Bipartisanship. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) is a very good example of a Democrat that champions Bipartisanship. Even though she criticizes the Right on occasion, that’s to be expected, she has come up with some very good Acts such as the Farm Bill.

I call the people and groups that champion SFLP as the “Others”. If a person or group follows the latest trends in the news and certain movies such as “The Death of a Nation” they will see the Others agenda being slowly pulled from the shadows into the open. I support the C.S.A. or the Conservative States of America so I’m slightly biased to a winning team. However, contrast sources and ideologies such as Fox News and Conservative media like “The Death of a Nation” with media from CNN, NBC, ABC, and Michael Moors movie about the last President. Where else besides these sources are people going to get the latest in news and information on what is going on outside their immediate realm of existence?

It seems as if Fox News is outnumbered but people crave the truth. That is if they want to know. They have the highest ratings lately even though sources such as CNN, NBC, and ABC cause so much confusion. Who is really responsible for the confusion? Read between the lines and put it together. A person will begin to see the Lefts or the “Others” agenda. This also includes some Republicans on the Right who are rooted in the “Deep State”. They do not help and I can’t help but be skeptical of Congresses slogan of “Better Off Now”.

These people have attacked our children and education systems indirectly. The importance in proper and common sense education cannot be reiterated or overstated. It must be. We have world wide examples of how ideologies such as SFLP have brought down societies gradually. We have Venezuela and Canada. Education is the most important because we teach our children to replace us when we become old and grey. Since we care about the great nation of the United States, and our posterity, it is natural to teach a succeeding generation to take our place and to give them the best tools and examples to do so. SFLP is detrimental to society when taken to the extreme. Only Socialism does not have to be taken to the extreme to be detrimental. Some of the “Others” pick and choose which ideology they want to support and they intertwine and use them in tandem, tactically, to push their agenda.

Since 2009, and prior, the United States has not been a strong contender with the world when it comes to education. Statistics have shown this. The book “The Dumbest Generation” by Mark Beuerlein explains the decline in education and some of the reasons for it. I believe that it is the agenda of the “Others” and their subtle brain washing techniques that have weakened the United States in this area.

Education coupled with experience is so important that it prevents individuals and society at large from making the same mistakes and repeating history. The education and experience process begins when we are young. Children and adults gain experience by first asking a question and then acting and testing their theories. But, if we do not educate our children and ourselves properly we are doomed to be degraded by dangerous ideologies we might not fully understand. People that accept the “Others” ideologies and their agenda, I call them mindless followers because they just accept what they see and hear without questioning. Based on these feelings they allow themselves to be influenced. Then they go about allowing bad things to happen like zombies in droves like we have seen in protests and bullying people out of restaurants. Education, experience, and example is the first step and if we want to continue to be a great nation we must fight for what we know to be true, just, and right. Not the “Others” way.

We are getting back on track, and have been, with leaders such as President Trump, Betsy DeVos, Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and supporters such as Jeanine Pirro, Governor Huckabee, Shawn Hannity, Ben Carter, Newt Gingrich, Mark Levine, and every other supporter. I do not want to live in a national Utopia of Dystopia and I hope you do not either. Make America Great Again!

By Jamin Chavez