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Our Current & Future Relationships: AI or Telepathy?

I know you might be reading the subtitle and be thinking, what the heck is this guy talking about?! Well, having a relationship with an artificial intelligence doll, with super model-like looks, the most awesome personality programmed, and no-hassle sex anytime that’s wanted might be a good idea within about a split second. Those AI dolls also have WiFi capabilities, an Android 5.0 operating system, and a fairly efficient CPU. Compared to an actual woman or man, with all the hassle and nonsense we potentially have to put up with, this again might be desirable if thought about within a split second.

Humor me for a moment. We have advanced far enough in society to have engineered and programmed our way to an era where we could very well replace members of the opposite sex with a robot, basically. Now, suppose us as humans have advanced far enough to where we have become superior to our predecessors similar to AI robots. Science fiction speaking, physically we have become more attractive, we have increased physical capabilities, and what if we even had WiFi capabilities similar to an AI robot? Yes, I’m speaking about telepathy.

Which would be worse, trying to have a meaningful relationship with a robot or having a meaningful relationship with a person that has increased biological capabilities to include telepathy? Of course, you would have the same capabilities so you could read their mind and communicate in a wireless manner too. Stay with me, because I’m trying to make a point even though these two ideas seem sort of “out there”, only one of them is a reality, or is it both and we just don’t know it yet?

When I was growing up I went to church, learned theology, had friends, family, and other relationships that were meaningful to me. I learned how to interact and get along with people. In certain instances I would get an opportunity to watch other people go through the processes of interpersonal communication, working on the various sociological aspects of their personal and professional lives. As I grew I thought I had become fairly adept at performing or partaking in interpersonal communication with other guys, gals, and adults. But, when I entered other areas of society my horizons were expanded and I had many opportunities to learn greater portions of the human social spectrum.

I guess I became what is called a “People Watcher”. I am not the only person that does this, there are many more that do this naturally, consciously, or subconsciously. For some this is a defense mechanism and at the same time, depending on the situation, just something they have learned to do and just something they do. I have watched various types of relationships either blossom and grow or become destroyed as a result of internal or external factors. These internal and external factors can become complex to explain resulting in the fact that more often than not everything around us and within us is in motion. Every choice made by every individual adds to the complexity of these various types of motions, even while the earth itself is in motion. When we finally find a moment to rest and then fall asleep even the microscopic industries within our bodies are in motion allowing us to wake up every morning, which could possibly be responsible for generating our spirit, aura, or countenance.

Humor me again but think about it. The human body does generate electricity and a certain amount of electromagnetic energy as well. This is called bio-electromagnetism and there are more discoveries about the human body emanating an electromagnetic field called the “Human Connectome Project“. Both of these are basically explaining that quite possibly a persons spirit is the unique electromagnetic signature, biologically specific, that emanates from their body and mind. The human brain gives off the greatest amount of bio-electromagnetism and unique frequencies. Our unique bio-electromagnetic frequencies, we emanate, could also be the cause of tension we feel in a room full of people, happiness, or sadness, and various other emotions.

Now, imagine if us humans were to figure out a way to use that bio-electromagnetism, emanating from our mind and another persons mind, to make a sort of phone call. Just how great would these frequencies from our mind be able to travel to or from us or them? Is it a possibility that our own cell phone towers and wireless modems in our homes be used as a carrier frequency for our own bio-electromagnetic signature or spirit to some other destination and do we have control of that? If somebody else figured out how to do this before we did could we be getting anonymous phone calls? I know this sounds far fetched and kind of silly, but if anybody reading this has experience with IT, IS, telecommunications, some biology knowledge, electronics, and computer systems they would be more inclined to believe these types of dynamics are totally feasible.

Back to the philosophical aspects of all this. Let’s say the previously discussed dynamics were completely true and we had total and well researched evidence of this. Would this not be called telepathy as compared to a robot doll with WiFi capabilities? If humans were capable of telepathy a guy would definitely not be able to cheat on his girlfriend like he thought or vise-a-versa. She would know. A woman’s boyfriend or husband might spy on her when she is trying to do something and distract her causing her to make a mistake. Adding another dynamic to this. Let’s say some were not as good or just did not care about using their telepathic capabilities. Other interested people would be able to sort of, look or view into their personal lives watching every idiosyncrasy and imperfection. Without that persons knowledge other people could talk about them behind their back and make fun of them nonstop. If everybody knew about and talked about all the imperfections and idiosyncrasies of that individual it would be easy to understand why anybody, woman or man would not want anything to do with them other than to use them for their own purposes.

Also, if telepathy became a wide spread form of communication and were to be incorporated into the various sociological aspects of our societies that would take a while to get used to. That, is perhaps also why we have and would continue to enforce our laws, rules, and regulations so that even if we were to communicate telepathically or even see through another individuals eyes, people would still be held accountable for infringing on that or another persons’ rights, to include privileges gained. However, new laws and regulations would have to be drafted and voted upon with the basis that we are still endowed by our Creator certain unalienable rights, even life, liberty, and the per-suite of happiness. Being endowed by our Creator means that we are spiritual and not merely mechanical. I believe our spirits are far more complex than biological electromechanics and magnetism. Instead of a computerized singularity, it could be that when we die our spirits continue to exist, as a sort of energy filled entity. Why would our spirits not contain energy? In the Bible, it speaks of spiritual influences and influence denotes energy. Our complex spirit would continue to carry with it everything we have learned and experienced similar to a computer hard drive. It could also be that our Creator or God is in symbiosis with all the energized matter within the universe and that energized matter is in symbiosis with our spirits keeping it together.

Having the company of an AI doll might be preferable to the company of another individual that has the same telepathic abilities as you. You might value your privacy more, and still, would not want to put up with the hassle and nonsense that we have grown to deal with in our modern society. Not being telepathic, some might have grown to prefer the companionship of something such as an AI doll because of the nuances and the aftereffects heartache creates upon being rejected time and again by members of the opposite sex. But, what is the cause of repeated rejections that would drive a man or a woman to turn to the companionship of an AI doll?

Some might call this the ever increasing trend of “body worshiping”. This is where men and women become infatuated with their physical form instead of the personal characteristics, values, and principles within. I believe that with the increased use of social media, people have found that it is easier to gain attention if you are simply more attractive or sexy. If you are one of those people and are good at faking empathy or what is supposed to be genuine concern, have basic reading and writing skills, and have at least one talent you could market those and make big money just because you are beautiful or handsome.

Not all of these types of individuals are famous, but they have practiced being this way so much that they were never taught, never cared, or if they were taught but they have become so infatuated with themselves that they have become lost and treat people mirroring the facade they have practiced so well. With the process of information overload these people and the less gorgeous people experience a large amount of cognitive dissonance and they become easily manipulated in their countenance, their thoughts, emotions, desires, and ability to rationalize. This mix of people that are beautiful, blended with the so-called “people found wanting” is not good, especially if both groups are experiencing information overload and have lost their way or ability to rationalize. From an interpersonal communication and relationship standpoint this means that both groups have become very ineffective, indeed, at performing or even beginning to seek any type of meaningful relationship to include dating and or getting married.

The individuals that still have genuine concern, good values, morals, and principles suffer because they begin by honestly seeking positive relationships. They inevitably run into the “body worshipers” and “people found wanting” and become run-down, broken, full of doubt, and have dating battle scars as a result of their wrath. Again, the wrath is a result of information overload, cognitive dissonance, causing stress, and the inability to effectively rationalize through what is supposed to be good and wholesome relationships.

This inability to rationalize makes people susceptible to evil ideologies such as Socialism and adverse groups agendas. These people become easily manipulated under the hand of one or more entities with one or more purpose of destroying positive relationships. Imagine if this was done full force and America became nothing but “body worshipers” and “people found wanting”. These types of individuals could also be what I call Mindless Followers or zombies so to speak. I am making these correlations to help the reader transcend through the various aspects and ideas I have presented. When the reader is able to perform this type of mental martial art they are more capable of seeing how adverse groups use asymmetrics in their agendas.

Putting everything together, it could be that, if not properly controlled and checked our relationships could be subverted by either well-meaning AI programmers and engineers or adverse groups with the ultimate intent of making everybody a Mindless Follower with only the desires of satisfying their sexuality with the use of an AI doll. This reminds me of the movie “State of Idiocracy”. But, what once was wholesome, godly, and genuinely meaningful could become mindless individuals doing whatever their task masters say with only the thought of that they cannot wait to get home to their AI doll.

So, it is up to us in deciding the directions our own humanity goes in, with the help from God. Do we continue to allow ourselves to be influenced by things that have no genuine substance or worth or do we continuously strengthen our resolve to be better, kinder, gentler, more understanding, empathetic, principled, and loving toward one another? Even with science, we as human beings do not like the same adverse things are done to us. If we do, there is something wrong. I believe that God will always be at the helm. I personally believe in God and just because I intellectualize, philosophize, and analyze our and my own existence does NOT mean there is not a God. I have had far too many personal experiences, of my own, that causes me to have faith in God. He is omnipotent, all-knowing, and has far more experience than either you or I and yes even science.


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