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Israel’s SpaceIL’s Beresheet Spacecraft Lander Will Try Again #SNRTG #news

Today April 11, 2019 was the first attempt by a private company to fund and land a Spacecraft on the Moon. The company SpaceIL, based in Israel, was funded mostly by billionaire Morris Kahn and in part by the Israel Space Agency.

The attempt ended in a crash by the Lunar Lander but did not have any humans on board. This conclusion is drawn for the fact that no lives were reported lost. Plus, it is smart to use a probe or remote vehicle. While the Lunar Lander was beginning its descent its main engine cut off briefly and then came back on. By the time the engine came back on the descent was too much for the spacecraft causing it to crash. However, before the landing attempt took place SpaceIL conducted a trial run going around the moon.

After the Spacecraft crashed Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, enthusiastically stated “If at first you don’t succeed, you try again.” I share his enthusiasm. Not all attempts at big goals go one-hundred percent according to plan. But, it is sure SpaceIL has learned a lot and will succeed in future missions. Some things are known for sure. SpaceIL conducted a successful launch, they conducted a successful orbit and pass around the Moon, and they were able to show that a private company can reach their goals in making spaceflight available to more people. This helps to usher in a new era where spaceflight will become cheaper and more commonplace. When saying the word cheaper this is only for the fact that more innovation means certain types of technology becomes more commonplace. That means the price of the technology decreases and not necessarily the quality. It is sure that SpaceIL did their best in assembling the best quality parts for the Spacecraft.

Even though the Spacecraft crashed this is a big step for not only our friends, Allies, and private companies, but also humankind. We’ve been to the Moon before, but this time it is the groundbreaking way private companies in Israel and the United States have been able to gather support, innovation, gusto, and enthusiasm from space enthusiasts and explorers everywhere. Their efforts allow humankind to dream bigger, do better, and obtain even bigger goals.

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