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How Socialism, The Games We Play, & Greed Will Destroy The United States

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Since the 1950’s we sought to rid ourselves of Communism with the Red Scare. It seemed as if the weight and future of the whole nation rested on the shoulders of one man, Joseph McCarthy. He was a United States Senator, intelligent, and strong with the drive and determination enough to work anybody into the ground. It is true, he was not perfect but the tactics used to discredit him were far from subtle.

In court hearings he was accused and befuddled with incessant attacks on his character and personal choices. His personal life was invaded by the Democrats and people on his famous list. For some reason it seemed as if the whole theme was to discredit him so Communism could continue to live and eventually thrive. It did not help that the President at the time was FDR, a Democrat himself and his policies for vetting were far from articulate and specific. But, instead relied on a merit system. That means that anybody with a sound political mind could understand there were many holes where Communists could filter into the various portions of U.S. society.

We have seen in years past the rise and fall of the various and complex areas of our society depend on whether we have a Democrat or Republican as our President. Perusing through facts and keeping track of trends an intelligent individual will see some common themes and differences. Basically, the Republicans are Nationalists and Patriots to include being Conservative. The Democrats want to go global and believe everything the United States has should be shared with the world making it a country similar to one in Europe. Neither side has a pristine track record but the Democrats have a darker history that’s fathoms from the light.

However, I have noticed many trends while writing my first book “Freedom and The Will to Move Forward.” In my book my intention is to educate and pull America from the deep sleep I saw it sink into over my years of gathering experience and knowledge. My intention was to educate the reader, inspire them, and teach them how to understand things with various perspectives. I have been saddened in certain instances when I have noticed human nature I’ve witnessed as it pertains to people playing games and greed.

America, it seems, has gotten itself into a difficult situation. More specifically certain people and groups. They seem to still be asleep. They’re used to doing things a certain way and unwilling to give up the things that the Communists turned Socialists seemed to have created themselves. Over the years, slowly since the 70s, it looks like they have created these games and a pay to play system.

At first glance and unknowingly a person might not even know they are or have been playing the Socialists constructed games. Of course how would they know in our modern society? It is now 2019 and over fifty years we could have slowly forgotten who developed and constructed the games. We tend to forget potential pitfalls when there’s so much controversy and chaos that seems to happen on a day by day basis. We cannot remember or realize everything because we are not perfect.

In 2019 we have forgotten and might not even know the origins of the type of games that would bind us. Think about it, when you are playing a card game, board game, or video game your attention is on the game. You’re not thinking about anything else except for winning and beating your opponents. Everything else around you is forgotten for moments because, naturally, you have to focus to win. However, imagine you being involved in a bigger more dangerous game that is meant to keep your attention on made up scenarios, imaginary currency, so-called agents that allow you to advance in your career if you get to a certain point or beat somebody else in the game, and looking at the big picture is meant to enslave and entrap you. These dynamics are meant to keep you engaged in a sort of survival of the fittest scenario and this means that the more tangible currency and privilege you have the easier it is for you to play the game. This gives you a better bigger position.

These ideas and abstract concepts could also mean that the game becomes so important to people that they begin to “Own” other people taking on their characteristics thereby gaining accolades and accomplishments off the backs of the so-called “less fortunate.” They too are slaves to the game being drawn or born into it as pawns for certain of rich. This could also be called that Utopia of Dystopia that certain individuals and groups already enjoy. Don’t get me wrong there are individuals, groups, and organizations that do have wealth and influence that do not accept these concepts and they are good wholesome people.

The game exists and people do play it. If you don’t think so try to wake up and look around you. If you do something that is controversial that goes against the dark and powerful portions of our society you will find yourself under somebodies thumb. I’m talking about the controversial positive goals that one or more seeks to help either themselves or society as a whole. Socialism is here and it is not hiding in the shadows anymore. But, the game is about power, control, influence, and greed.

There are some that are generally good people that have been playing the game for years. But, they might not know they have been playing a game developed and constructed possibly by the Socialists. Think of Nazi Germany, National Socialism, or Nazism for short and compare that to Democratic Socialism. The Democrats are a nation-wide political body with the addition of Socialism. The ideologies are most likely not too far from the same. However, my point is that some of these good people instead of stopping what they have been doing and admitting to themselves that the game is wrong they continue for various reasons.

Some of them might continue because they are in too deep. Some might continue because they have a mental disorder, “no soul”, or “empty eyes.” Some might continue because they were taught growing up that they were born to have a privilege over the less fortunate developing a sick and twisted way of thinking that somehow the less fortunate like being a part of the game unknowingly or they need that. Even the lower or mid class people have played the game and continue for some of the same reasons good or bad.

However, another point is that we have become so enthralled in winning the game, trying to gain power and influence over each other, holding each other to imaginary rules that we have drifted into a deep sleep soon after we are old enough to construct and utter our first sentences. The game contains imaginary and intangible rules so why continue to play the game when there is not a tangible currency, not a comparable and tangible immediate benefit from the labors we ensue, and not the same type of sense of self-satisfaction of the results of traditional hard work?

What will destroy the United States is that some people are so enthralled, their daily routine, and their character interwoven into this game that they can be compared to a child being born into a street gang. The child born into a street gang does not know anything different and might take months or a year to rehabilitate them into the norms of society. To play the game these people are willing to destroy or gain power and influence over their family, friends, co-workers, or other loved ones. They are willing to defeat members of their own political party affiliation potentially destroying somebody elses career and theirs along with it. By the time they wake up they are jobless, penniless, hopeless, friendless, and left wondering what happened and where the years went.

All of this might potentially happen if people continue to play the game while the Socialists sit back, watch, and continue speaking and purporting their rhetoric. It’s possible that they already see their selves as the rulers of this Utopia of Dystopia. All they have to do is reconstruct a complex template meant to go into effect during a certain time of the year. The template is the same the specifics, people, and situations different all the while less awake people are moved about like pawns on a chessboard wondering what the heck is going on. Then the Socialists go about their day like nothing ever happened, acting like they’re not to blame, and watching their opposing party implode upon itself because they are junkies for the game not being able to set aside their differences, shed the game, and work together.

We’ve seen people play games in other areas of our society. We see them at the office, we see them happen at school, or at church. It’s not uncommon actually, but on a more grand scale whose really in charge of this adverse game and Utopia of Dystopia? Who created all of this and why? If any of my educated guesses, points, experiences, or observations aren’t considered or valued then what is? I’m not the only person that has noticed these things. But, I am concerned about my country and the people in it. I love my country, the people, and the freedom’s we enjoy. I want to see this country thrive and prosper. Let us shed the game, let us set aside our differences, let us forgive each other and understand, and let us work together more harmoniously to continue building a better America.


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