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How Much Does It Take In Finding Resolve?

I have been in fights before when I was younger and I’ve been in many arguments that could have been avoided in the past. However, now days it seems all people want to do is argue with another, ridicule, and spit rhetoric to fan the flames of anger and emotions. Anger and emotions that could genuinely be dissipated by healthy interaction.

These days we make comments on Social Media, we text, and email. We have created this sort of distanced and very annoying agitator machine similar to “Pennywise” from the book “It” until somebody becomes angry to do something they might have not done otherwise if they were closer physically and emotionally to their family, friends, acquaintances, or co-workers. This could be called cyber bullying, camwhoring, doxxing, or what I call Urban Asymetrics brought on by the various types of Trolls that most likely pool together because they might have social disorders or extreme jealousy nobody wants to deal with. This might be true especially when anybody has tried to interact with one of these individuals or a group of them in person. It’s almost impossible to communicate or come to an understanding with these types of individuals.

Since we have chosen to distance ourselves each of these Trolls has become an “It” or “Pennywise”. Most everybody has read the book and for those that have not have heard of this and know of the theme such as the book “Battlefield Earth”. I’m not putting down either of these books. However, what my point is that the authors I believe have tried to explain a problem in society and there needs to be a solution. But, I believe these dynamics have been allowed to fester shortly after these books became popular and for those that allowed the popularity to fade into a distant memory the individuals that remembered and the fewer that came to somehow have an affection for the story might be the individuals we call Trolls.

Trolls can be anywhere and on any platform. But, how do they have an effect on us? Some of them say their purpose is to bring about discussion or change. I find that these individuals are immature and have little experience in addition to their lack of articulation in realizing that they too are driven by SOME THING that causes them to be lacking or act carelessly. This leads me to my point on the title of this blog post “How Much Does It Take In Finding Resolve?”

Another question is how many instances will an individual allow themselves to be affected by that SOME THING or whatever it is that knows the angels strength and immense potential for good in this world? It seems the stronger and more important the individual the more Trolls or in another manner of speaking…demons that individual has. On the flip side if there is an individual that is strong, capable, intelligent, and has an immense amount of influence for good and positiveness…truth and light; and other people know this how long will it take before they realize they might be alone and have become lost under the weight of the extreme pressure brought on by the immense pressure of Trolls and demons? Why does the one individual, unequivocally and anybody, allow themselves to NOT become irritated just enough with themselves they finally realize they have within them great truth, light, potential, and strength and why does the greater whole not realize they have become driven and infiltrated by the burden of subtle Trolls making them become past feeling, unthoughtful, and uncaring for the one individual that they realize they need to find the bulwark of their strength, drive, and determination? What happens when that leader(s) is gone? That reality comes close when we have realized they’re lost, figuratively speaking, and have had to work extra hard to recover them.

The answer is that most do not know the first, most simple, and yet most effective principle of leadership. They need to and they must, no matter if they are a leader or begin as a follower, if we are to win each day and remember always the first principle of leadership. That is if a leader takes care of their subordinates they will take care of their leader. Seems simple to read and easy to understand but takes practice, learning, and gaining experience to master. This principle is endless yet highly effective. Taking care of your subordinates does not mean they get to do everything they want rather a leader must instill in them that awesome feeling of accomplishment and achievement after they have done their best or have fought the good fight, figuratively speaking. In most instances their reward is the leaders approval, a sincere lesson of instruction, or an honest counseling session. The best and most encompassing reward they will never forget is a leader that always shows they are trying THEIR best even if they are not perfect. This helps their subordinates realize that if and when they fall short of something they have the imperfections of their leader to help them find their resolve to do better, to try again, and strive to look after their leader the way a principled follower does. Don’t get me wrong, even as a follower there are moments and opportunities for leadership.

Often one of the hardest lessons to learn, if we are not used to the first principle of leadership, is repetition. Repetition has the potential to be painful in its various forms depending on what we have to go through. If we do not try our best the first time it is most likely we will have to do something again. Repetition can be a powerful tool in honing the skills we need to become stronger and more effective in what we do. This is also how and eventually we surpass and outlast our enemies. We learn from the pain of lessons and we place more attention and care to something we have to do no matter what it is. Always remember that to find resolve we must use the two principles of repetition and the first principle of leadership or else we will be left to trepidate. We must not trepidate.


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