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Healthcare & Philosophy

Today is January 30th, 2019. Recently within the last couple of days there have been talks from the United States Democrats about “free healthcare for all”. These types of statements were from people such as Andrea Ocasio Cortez and Kamala Harris, who is running for President in 2020. Trending for the last couple of months have been statement such as “The Democrats are moving further to the Left or extreme Left”, “Cortez is the spokesperson for the Democratic Party”, and “Socialism takes away, Capitalism gives back”.

Historically speaking the last statement is true. However, in today’s world I believe that the Democratic Socialists are a mix of Fascists and Communists full of Marxist ideologies. Based on their rhetoric it sounds as though they use the title Democratic Socialist to make what they are really about sound softer or easier on the mind. The Democrats are a familiar political side and hearing only the term Socialist might trigger alarms.

Before America was settled by pilgrims, before the Enlightenment, before the Industrial Age, before Johann Gutenberg there was the era of the Bible or Biblical times. Even then the Romans required a tax from the people they governed and was a form of Capitalism. People back then used silver and gold pieces to purchase goods and they also used a bartering system. In portions of the world today, with outsourcing and project development there are some business transactions that will accept bartering with an intermediary to transform raw goods into revenue.

From Biblical times there were tribes and groups of people that lived as nomads in the desert or distant locations from cities such as Jerusalem. These tribes and groups consisted of large families of relatives, fathers, mothers, uncles, cousins, and they all took care of each other. They were industrious within their realm of existence which also means they were self-sufficient or self-reliant. They lived off of the land and did not require the support of a city. They relied on each other.

This type of tribe, group, or small civilization, being self-sufficient did not or does not require money in the form of gold or silver to be crafted or circulated through its existance or methods of industry. They had their traditions and customs that they followed. They adhered to their word and promises based on honor and integrity. If any person violated any of these they were shamed or reprimanded acording to the rules made within their tribe.  Even the first colonists in America functioned this way until they reached a point to where they could craft and generate a form of revenue.

For the fact that the tribe or colony insisted that each of their members adhered to their rules or laws, customs, and traditions each member could benefit from being sustained by each other without a monetary system such as Capitalism like we know that to be today. They did not have to worry about going without sustinance or clothing because each member of their society contributed and shared. However, if a group, tribe, or colony grows beyond the point to where it becomes inefficient for each member and family to contribute equally and continuously bad things could happen.

At some point a population becomes large enough people will want to become specialized in their skills and talents. They become very good at what they do. Because there are an abundance of people, some individuals will not want to do the same profession or craft as another. If they do, they will want to be better at their craft or skill than the other person. Then ensues competition, busines, and industry.

Imagine going camping with a group of friends or family. One of the members is really good at building fires and another is really awesome at washing clothes while camping. When the group realizes that these two individuals are really good at what they do they will naturally want to depend on them for those specific skills. Let’s say another member of the group was quiet about their skill in building fires but the first one gets sick. All of a sudden the second individual has to step up and help the group with fire building and the group discovers that the second individual is quicker and more efficient at building fires than the first person. They begin to depend on him or her more for that skill and function. The first person gets better but took pride in the fact that he or she was relied upon to provide that skill. It is highly probable that the first and second person might compete with the group so that they can use their skill in fire building and starting.

Now that there is competition the second person might realize that the same thing could happen to him or her, getting sick and losing favor. They also know that if they are away or indesposed the group knows that they could still rely on the first person. The various members in the group might or might not like or dislike certain things about the two individuals and so nature, politics, and group culture dynamics ensue. One of the two fire builders/starters even though they are awesome at what they do they become tired of providing their skill for nothing but admiration. They begin to charge other members of the group something in return such as a candy bar or a trade such as their clothes being washed first by the individual that is good at washing clothes. A system of Capitalism has begun.

The philosophical aspects between Socialism and Capitalism are that there must be other systems in place to prevent people from becoming too extreme in one aspect, tenet, law, or another. When any system set up around or within a civilation, nation, or population becomes too extreme, Socialism has basically taken hold. Having healthcare for all sounds great at first but soon certain people, from the beginning, have been stingy and greedy. Soon they will want what they think is theirs. The Capitalist aspects of healthcare will diminish and later even the healthcare providers and facilities will cease to be able to sustain their own business. Then individual doctors will only be working for the Socialist Kings and Queens while everybody else is left to fend for themselves.

How Socialism takes effect is that its advocates and leaders begin by targeting certain areas of society and technologies. Then they push each area to the max by making them extreme. Those areas of society are meant and trained to eat their own as we have already seen if noticed and remembered. When each of those areas of society have been mangled and warped into a rabbid or canibalized animal they are primed and ready to eat other areas of society. Collectively these societal avenues, brought together, and feeding off of healthy portions of society will eventually take over like a cancer.

Our families and meaningful relationships have become mangled and warped, portions of our governement and processes have had traditional and fundemental bulwarks taken away mangled and warped, and the way we feed, train, and school our children have been mangled and warped slowly and systematically by which group of America since the 1970’s? Take a guess.

Healthcare is but one of those areas in our American society from the preceding paragraph. Once Socialism takes a hold of our Healthcare, gets a good grasp on it, and is able to mangle and warp the systems we have in place people will not be able to take care of themselves the way they used to. Our familial systems have been weakened, mangled, and warped. Abortion laws have been recently pushed to the max of tolerance if not over the line. The importance of meaningful relationships have been weakened to include families, friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, sons, and daughters through the systematic and mesmerising effects of continuous media information overload. People need to be in the know, but which group keeps creating the controversy and chaos so we will have to be in the know and stay on our toes? Take a guess.

These aspects together mean that we cannot rely on our family and friends like we used to in case we have a medical emergency. In a tribe or colony such as were in Biblical times family was more important and self-sufficient, not today. Ask yourself, if you had a medical emergency or became sick to where you could not work and take care of yourself, would you be able to rely on anybody around you, let alone family? On the contrare, but close, would they even care or would they only have enough resources themselves to even bother helping you or someone else?

After all of these other aspects of our American society have been chewed on and mangled for decades, by groups and ideologies, lurking in the shadows; are our values and priciples strong enough now to sustain each other in case Socialism takes down our Healthcare? Yes, there are avenues, portions, functions, and processes of our society that have been bolstered and repaired but what about our values, principles, and the way we would take care of each other? Are we astute and awake enough to realize that Socialist functions and processes will never work and that to beat it, we need to grab our values and principles in one hand and our Capitalist processes and functions in the other and wield the two to become better and stronger so America can move forward and prosper?


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