Picture showing reviews and formats for "Freedom and The Will to Move Forward"
Picture showing reviews and formats for “Freedom and The Will to Move Forward”. Tap or click to purchase.

Are you interested in philosophy but not familiar with what it’s about? Do you know what Transcendentalism or Modern Day Transcendentalism is? Transcendentalism was the philosophy written in the era of the Declaration of Independence by philosophers such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson with a belief in God.

If you feel lost, are tired of the nonsense, are looking for no-nonsense philosophical solutions and ideas about ways to improve society and your personal life here on earth, this is where you need to start. Feel free to explore the rest of the PPHC Compass Publisher website. Below is a list with links of the various places you can purchase my book in either eBook or Print Paperback format.

I wrote and published “FREEDOM AND THE WILL TO MOVE FORWARD” (link to ebook) because I realized that America desperately needed a boost, guidance, purpose, and direction in the area of philosophy especially since Transcendentalism is tied to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

MODERN DAY TRANSCENDENTALISM is a blend of Transcendentalist philosophies, inculcating explanations and facts of our many uses of information technology, past essays, and ideas of Transcendentalist philosophers. This includes how we interact with and think about aspects of our society not found during the 1800s, our positions in society, nature, introspection of the mind body and soul, and much more.


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