“Leadership and Self-Worth: A Tech Nerd’s Guide”

"Leadership and Self-Worth: A Tech Nerd's Guide" Jamin Chavez

  • Do you really know what it takes to be a Technologist? Did you know that’s even a profession......and what is technology? There’s two general categories. What does a Tech Nerd have to do with STEM and CTE? How are we going to train our future generations of aspiring Tech Nerd’s, what’s going to guide them into being the professionals they will be, and where can you find the information you need in one place? “LEADERSHIP & SELF-WORTH: A TECH NERD’S GUIDE” answers all these questions. Engineers, computer programmers, and scientists all have an interest and experience in STEM. So does the upcoming generation of Tech or “New-Collar” professionals. But it seems STEM subjects are too difficult and the commitment isn’t there. Not really, we just have to teach a better way, help students gain the perspective they need to connect the dots, and while doing that teach them leadership, standards, ethics, principles, and just how valuable they are. If you want to know how we are going to train the next generation of Technologists and “New-Collar” Professionals with the help of STEM and CTE then you need to read “LEADERSHIP & SELF-WORTH: A TECH NERD’S GUIDE.” Purchase your copy today Pages: 146 Supported file type available: PDF, .mobi, ePub Publisher: PPHC Compass Publisher Author: Jamin Chavez
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  • 146 pages