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Tech Nerd Culture Review of the “MultiTone PRO” App

The “MultiTone PRO” App, by Thomas Gruber, is very useful for audio electronic applications. I’ve been using this app for at least a year. The app also has a white, pink, brown, blue, violet, and grey noise generator and can generate four different types of waveforms from 0 to 22000 HZ such as sine, square, triangle, and ramp up sawtooth.White noise is a very useful granular synthesized audio noise good for dispersing cognitive dissonance and excess BEM (bioelectromagnetism). But, I needed something more efficient and slightly different.

When I first started using MultiTone PRO I was searching for an application to decrease cognitive dissonance and excess BEM. The app worked very well mixed with the onboard white noise. However, I just wish there were only a ramp down sawtooth waveform. Some people might be looking for a way to calm their mind or get rid of annoying sounds which is part of the reason for the ramp down sawtooth waveform suggestion. With the ramp up sawtooth waveform I noticed that sounds and audio stuck more modulated with music or synthesized noise. When I switched to another app, such as “The Oscillator” that worked much better and the energy within MY mind went down exponentially and fast, not to mention The Oscillator contains an onboard lowpass filter.

Don’t get ME wrong MultiTone PRO is extremely powerful, well programmed, very well organized, aesthetic, user-friendly easy to intellectualize, easy to set-up upon download with little instruction and even has the latest feature of sequencing various frequencies and waveforms. This is very useful especially if YOU are looking for an awesome frequency driver that will switch sequencing at various time intervals.

What would make MultiTone PRO extremely useful is if the ramp up sawtooth waveform was switched with a ramp down sawtooth waveform. This, I believe, would also aide and enhance in the modular synthesis characteristics of the granular noise features. The developers might even want to add green noise. I have found green noise to be extremely powerful in addition to Schumann’s Resonance. I believe the main purpose of MultiTone PRO is to create and test specific and various features of audio electronics. However, like I stated previously a user might be looking for something more powerful than simply using the generic white noise app.

There are at least two more apps similar to MultiTone PRO where the user can up to sixteen various waveforms with the previous mentioned features. Also and not last but least Tech Nerd Culture approves, MultiTone PRO is fully compatible with “audiobus“, an audio platform where multiple apps can be synced, programmed, networked if so chosen, and played at the same time. Every one of the mentioned apps can be found in the Apple App Store.

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Where has the Ingenuity and Inspiration of Android Apps Gone?

While working on MY website and methods for the #orionnetproject I noticed something wrong with Android. Not only the apps but it seemed the Android OS was having trouble keeping up with updates such as firmware and security. I didn’t really say much at first. I waited as I studied and gathered information and trends. Trends can be either good or bad and some kind of ehhh.

That’s how I study and learn. YOUR method might be different. But, I keep track of those dynamics. I noticed there was a negative trend in the audio app area of Android and “The Play” app store. I wondered why this was and why there were certain elements missing from the audio apps I came across. There are different categories of audio apps from simple voice and audio recorders with multiple functions and options to full-blown DAW’s or digital audio workstations.

I noticed a huge difference between Apples “audiobus” and Androids “audioroute“. Healthy competition is good for various reasons and that’s not necessarily bad. However, I was looking for a solution to a cognitive dissonance problem about a year ago and I came across the same problem. The problem was that “audioroute” is still in the same stages it was in about a year ago. “audiobus” still has open network connectivity issues, in MY opinion. Also, there are not as many apps to support “audioroute” as there should be. I stated earlier, on Twitter this same day, that there needs to be more stand-alone filter apps. These filter apps need to have functions such as bandpass, peak definition, highshelf and lowshelf, work active and not just passive with record then filter, inter-app connectivity, and be able to play in the background. I’m not only talking about filter apps only but also Android apps such as “Hexen” would work awesome with “audioroute”. When I want to listen to MY methods or work with audio I do not want other connected people bothering ME and with “audioroute” I believe they have had setbacks because of developer burnout.

Developer burnout is where software developers work extra hours or too many hours trying to get their software out the door from the SDLC or software development life cycle. Software competition has the potential to be fierce and over strenuous wich is not really a good dynamic all the time. I intellectualize, I have spent many extra hours staying up late over the span of weeks trying to figure out a solution to a program I was working on. I believe this is what has happened to the developers of “audioroute”.

I do not believe that the above explanation is the only problem though and “audioroute” is not the only developer group that has experienced major setbacks. I say they have experienced major setbacks because, in MY opinion, their app should have been through and completed the SDLC by now and up to par or equivalent to “audiobus”.

One of the basics of software development is to look at YOUR programming from not only the programmer’s perspective but also the ordinary users’ perspective that is not familiar with YOUR program. With “audioroute” the user has to dive into the weeds somewhat and do some programming themselves. Audio engineers and artists do not always have the time to do that nor do aspiring audio enthusiasts, in general, have the knowhow to do so. ME, Jamin Chavez, am somewhat different. I have been a radar technician and Instructor, I have a Bachelors in Computer Science, and a Masters in Information Management Technology, and have a lot of experience in Operations Management. Not everybody has MY skill set and experience. Completing the SDLC and creating a full-blown app IS THE WAY TO GO.

One of the many reasons why I started the Orion Net Project was to help people clear their minds of cognitive dissonance, information overload, and developer burnout which is similar to information overload. From what I have gathered and studied it seems like certain adverse groups, ideologies, and entities want developers and everyday people to have information overload. I write about this in both of MY books “Freedom and the Will to Move Forward” and “Leadership and Self-Worth: A Tech Nerds Guide”. Having a way to clear YOUR mind of cognitive dissonance, intellectualizing the reasons why YOU might be experiencing that and information overload are very important. The reason is that having YOUR mind clear and having a way to decompress enables more efficient and effective inspiration and ingenuity. Not only does Android and Apple need to be able to do this but also the American AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Software Development, and Hardware Industries as a whole. Every one of them works together in the economic ecosystem.

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Tough Running a Publishing Business in a Small Missouri Town

This is Jamin Chavez, Owner and Director of PPHC Compass Publisher. I started PPHC Compass Publisher as a hobby writing my first book “Freedom and the Will to Move Forward: A Compass for Today’s World” about a year ago and a second published book “Leadership and Self-Worth: A Tech Nerds Guide”, the flagship book to my “Tech Nerd Culture”. I have a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Management Technology. I am also an Army Veteran where I worked on the Patriot Missile System as a technician and an Instructor. I have worked with Generals, Politicians, and other VIP’s working on books and making important decisions about our Culture and processes. In other words my input is valued.

I also developed what I call Urban and Social Media Asymetrical Dynamics, where an individual can connect the dots in figuring out trends and potential hot spots and areas of trouble in society. An individual can simply walk outside at various times and take notes of their surroundings in addition to what they notice on social media to see what people are doing and how they are doing what they are doing. Paying attention to mannerisms and human nature while summing up similar occurrences can be very insightful. This is in part how I’ve used some of my skills to steer clear of trouble.

However, with all of my skills, knowledge, and experience I have not had much luck in selling very many of my books or products. I ran into some trouble a few months back and found that one of my smartphones had been hacked. Growing up in Kirksville Missouri, I did not know that it was predominantly Democratic. This includes the surrounding communities and the town of La Plata Missouri in which PPHC Compass Publisher is. Of course my perspective was different when I was younger. Things were somewhat easier and I did not have as much to think or worry about. Now it seems as if my porch has become an island I’ve been imprisoned to instead of the bookstore publishing business haven I envisioned.

About seven or eight months ago I began to rebuild my front porch before I set up a sign for the front yard and other dynamics and functional areas I needed for my business. I encountered a problem. I had a lot of waste from the old porch and thought I knew the rules exactly of the town. I went on and put the old porch wood out on the curb but it was too soon. A couple hours later the police showed up. Me, dirty, sweaty, and somewhat out of breath paused and greeted the police officer as he walked up to me and began to ask me questions. I started to explain but he wanted to be argumentative. I thought for a split second “Is this situation going to be similar to when I got kicked out of a coffee shop for not a single reason other than they did not like me?” I did not know, but I pulled out my smartphone and began recording the interaction. I asked the police officer more questions and he gave me better responses after that. I immediately moved the old wood to a better location. During the move, one of my land lords wanted to be argumentative as well. The only portion of this that made any sense to me was they were looking for a reason to shut me down early so I could not even begin my bookstore or publishing business.

I’ve heard many times “Well, this is a medical community and we cater to those that need medical attention.” I’ve always thought that was a sad excuse for not allowing other, better, and more businesses in to improve everything, to include my business. On December 9th of last year I went to the local bar to relax and ran into a drunk guy banging on the bathroom door while I was using that. I walked out and asked him to step aside. A few moments later and we were outside and then I was told to leave even though none of that was my fault. The drunk guy got to stay even after I talked to the same police officer. I left and have not been back since. I’ve also noticed strange things like driving a distance and the engine oil light coming on in my vehicle even though I had the oil changed a month prior and there were not any leaks under the engine. There was only one place I took my vehicle to for service and they also happen to make keys there.

Last week I went on a walk and came back to about five or six puddles of chew tobacco spit across the deck. I had to take the front yard sign down because I noticed people were playing games with that and figured if they wanted to play games I would begin taking certain things away. Most of the time I go out on the front porch to get fresh air, take a break, renew my spatial awareness….NOT to drink coffee for other people. I noticed a trend of people and movement whereas if I’m drinking coffee people seem to be happier driving and walking by but there has not been a single person or customer stop by since a year prior when I opened. I’ve only sold one digital copy of my books online within the last year. It now seems as if I go out on my front porch now to ensure I’m not crazy.

In one perspective it makes sense to me why certain things have happened and have not happened and on the other hand none of what has happened makes any sense whatsoever. The biggest portion of these occurrences and me not selling any of my products is that there seems to be a collective Democratic agenda against publishing and book-reading. It might seem stupid to ask doesn’t anybody read books anymore? That question might be simple for anybody else and self explanatory but for me, anybody that wants to purchase or read a brand new book in my area has to jump through hoops and earn some sort of medal before they can purchase one of my books. Who the heck created this standard? I, however, did not. I see people walk by all the time. They glance over for a moment and have this questioned look on their faces and others have asked me “What is this place?” even though the sign clearly states what it is. It seems they think it’s a joke. But, educating oneself and reading is not a joke.

Not very many people seem to get out or converse and collaborate with each other in my town either. It seems everybody lives in some sort of dream world with a slogan such as City of La Plata “Best Kept Secret”. What secret exactly is that I wonder? I look on Facebook for people to talk to and everybody in the whole town that should show up in a general search do not even come up. What the heck is going on? Well, it seems to me it’s not necessarily the Democratic Party, rather Socialistic Ideologies that have plagued the surrounding communities for decades.

It seems, I’ve summed up, that people around here are more interested in “The Game” and putting themselves into “The Machine” instead of being free reading a book educating themselves or exploring their own imaginations, unequivocally. The local library sells used books. I sell new books and provide services, to include an inexpensive cup of coffee. Another reason is that maybe somehow the local population thinks they can somehow use me as an information source, even though I rarely have any contact or human interaction with anybody. All of this seems weird but that’s the way it’s been to include the adversity I’ve experienced. Socialism hates the press and people being allowed to educate themselves and ask questions. It could be that some or many see my business, “PPHC Compass Publisher”, as an existential threat…sarcasm included. Education and asking questions are definitely not a threat.

These occurrences are very weird to me, not to mention I’ve been through similar situations two to three years in a row. If more of the same keeps happening to include noticeable isolation and adversity something not good is going to happen. I hope people begin to intellectualize the value of reading a book for themselves and education instead of going through some sort of lawsuit because of Conventional Wisdom. In seeking answers Conventional Wisdom is never the way to go. Please read a book and explore what Tech Nerd Culture is…ask some questions directly.

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Book Review of “Nasty Women”

The book “Nasty Women” is a compilation of essay’s by women of the American Feminist movement and as Theodore Roosevelt said “the credit belongs to the man in the arena”. But, in this case the credit belongs to the women in the arena.

This is a very sensitive subject. It has become very complex and integrated into various aspects of our society. My purpose is to provide clarity, structure, perspective, and understanding; to be fair and unbiased.

The first few essay’s in the book I noticed the authors were very upset about many things. One of the most recurring phrases was similar to “I felt this” or “I feel this way about this”. As the essay’s and explanations continue the phrases disappear and other authors provide some assertions and clarity to some of their frustrations. However, the book got its title because of a comment made by President Trump.

Upon further reading and studying of the various essay’s I noticed that there were some very good citations on events and some facts. On the other end of the spectrum it seemed as if some of the assertions and claims were somewhat extreme. Remember, they and I am talking about a Feminist movement that has had many changes throughout the years since about two or three decades ago. Each author is an individual and gives her thoughts, knowledge, and feelings on their chosen subject.

For example; Kate Harding’s chosen subject is titled “Are Women Persons?”. She provides a very good explanation of the angst women feel by trying to be a strong, independent, and intelligent woman while fulfilling the role of mother, wife, caregiver, and professional. She explains that Americans have relied on “the self-sacrificing love of women, to keep this country upright”. Also, “Conveniently elided from this butcher-baker narrative are the caregivers, the cooks, the cleaners. The mothers. The wives.” “An economy that we rarely discuss”. After writing these explanations she says that the economy and the women behind this is one of love. Basically women do what they do and sacrifice many things, including themselves, out of love.

I will say there is a fare amount of anxiety and feelings of under-appreciation by many women in our current American society. Harding also explains that “It is men who are raised to participate in a strict economy of self-interest”. She states that basically, many women have these feelings because the economy of love, seldom spoken of, is not easy and women partake in “mind-numbing care”, laundry, and “endless repetitions” of traditional female roles as caregivers even though they have just as much mental capacity and intelligence as any other man.

This is true, but would not be a fair assumption to say all men are like this. Many mothers raise their son’s to love, respect, and treat women equally. There are many women that sacrifice much and give of themselves to support, nurture their family, and its members because of love. There are also many women that have the capacity and capability to balance family and a profession. However, where are these feelings of anxiety and under-appreciation coming from? I believe that women are trying to ask men to help them reach and come to a balance. Society needs to recognize, give credit to, and cherish women that fulfill these types of roles in our society and not just on Mother’s Day. Men need to be taught, again by their parents, how to love, respect, cherish, and honor their mothers. Having good examples and role models in the home will provide learning opportunities and examples of how boys are supposed to grow into men that will do these things. Also, in so doing as to roles and responsibilities boys need to be taught to protect their families and take responsibility. In portioning and equaling roles and responsibilities it would be unbalanced if the mother were to take on the additional role of protector.

I am not saying that women are helpless. They aren’t. But in providing a balance in the family and home it is necessary for the parents to give and take certain portions of their roles and responsibilities. I saw something recently on Facebook of a man and a woman taking care of each other. The explanation in the picture said “When a man truly loves a women, she becomes his weakness. When a woman truly loves a man, he becomes her strength.” Something to think about.

Sarah Hepola’s essay is titled “Refusing to Numb the Pain”. She provides some very good insites and balance into how some women might have felt about President Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton. Comparing this to Kate Harding’s essay “Are Women Persons?”, Harding also talks about Hillary Clinton being the Feminists champion. However, at the same time she explains a hint of frustration at Clinton and the Progressive and Democratic men on the Left side of the political aisle.

Before three decades ago, women such as Susan B. Anthony and Katy Stanton fought for and championed Women’s Suffrage. But, they were racist. They included some African American women in their cause but did not give them as much attention and freedom as they now have. Some aspects of American society were just as controversial and volatile as they are today. However, that is because there are those that are more concerned about power than they are equality and understanding.

What occurred to me in my mind was a question when I read some of these things. My question was, why do Liberal and Progressive women continue to support people like Hillary Clinton and Leftist men when they have experienced so much frustration and anxiety from them? It might have been that Hillary Clinton was their best hope at the time, but things change and she is not the only woman with leadership and experience in America that has the ability to champion the Feminist movement and their cause. As an example I would choose someone such as Tammy Bruce, Jeanine Pirro, Tammy Baldwin, Condoleezza Rice, or Candice Owens.

Getting back to Sarah Hepola’s essay. What stood out to me was when she wrote two things. The first was “One of the many challenges of the next few years will be finding a balance between necessary rage and some slice of inner peace.” and “But experience has taught me that calling people names and cutting them out because I don’t approve of their beliefs only diminishes my worldview.” I believe this was a portion of the complex mix of women President Trump was speaking of when he said “Nasty Women.”

In writing my book “Freedom and The Will To Move Forward”, Hepola’s first statement that I quoted led me to write about two distinctions that the Feminists should make. These two distinctions are the Extreme Feminists and the Traditional Feminists. Maybe Hepola didn’t have enough space or time to clarify or expound on what she meant. However, I have noticed certain trends and in recent events with certain people from the Liberal side of the movement have showed up in the streets wearing obscene costumes with dildos and half naked claiming to be a part of the Feminist movement. This has included people such as Miley Cyrus.

I further explain in my book that there are probably a lot of women that still want to be a part of the Feminist movement but there are some things they would rather avoid. I have seen and heard many women say they have to unite for the sole purpose and reason that they are all women. However, including certain groups and factions might only hurt the movement as a whole and stifle progress. This is why I believe it is important to divide the movement into two distinct groups. One is an example of what they do not want and the other is the best example group. Otherwise, a great portion of our American society might continue to be unstable. If many people, including men, do not understand and do not have a visual distinction they do not know exactly what to support and what not to.

In the past there have been many men, including Democrat and Republican men that have given support to the Feminist movement. They have shown up at the rallies and assisted individual women in various aspects of their careers. But I believe they need more than just to say “I’m here supporting you even though I don’t know exactly what it is I’m supporting”.

Sarah Hepola further explains this when she writes “But as those illusions drop away, the gift is that our vision sharpens, our depth of field grows deeper. Mine is no longer the hazy motion blur of a seven-beer buzz; it is the quiet focus of a soldier in the trenches. If we ever want to change the world – first we must see it.” She defines and explains the tension many women feel and go through when Feminist subjects arise.

However, I believe that what would alleviate some of this tension is to have men that are educated and understand what the movement is about and to not keep the apple from them. “Nasty Women” is not going to be the last book on Feminism that I read or review. It might be viewed from many that a man reading about Feminist subjects is not masculine. I believe on the contrary. There are many women, Feminist women, that like for their men to be masculine. But, they also would probably like even more if their men were educated on the subjects that are important to them.

“Nasty Women” was published in October of 2017, about a year ago. The first mention I’ve seen of moving goal posts was in an essay by Jamia Wilson titled “Farewell to Meritocracy”. Jamia Wilson explains the frustration felt by many women of the minority in a system of meritocracy. This is a system where people are supposed to be able to get ahead based on merit. I wonder exactly where the oppression continues to come from?

Wilson writes “Clinton’s loss led me to actively reject social conditioning and internalized oppression, by focusing less on how to be included in systems with ever-moving goalposts, and more on paving insurgent ground by building new structures and more inclusive movements within  my own community.” This frustration is understandable. However, referring to a previous essay by Sarah Hepola, this might be coming from where women of the Feminist movement have placed their trust and faith. In other instances these adverse dynamics might be coming from interpersonal interactions with individuals that culminate into a group.

Towards the end of the book is an essay by Meridith Talusan titled “We’ve Always Been Nasty”. I don’t know exactly how much of this is true but I quote “There is a mountain of evidence that Trump has committed impeachable offenses that may also involve other members of his administration, yet we have not used our bodies and selves to forcibly fight for his removal” and “We must risk imprisonment, because it is our unjust presence in prisons that stands a chance of demonstrating grave injustice.” I would say that might be somewhat on the extreme side. This gives an example of the complexity in the spectrum of the individual women in the Feminist movement. “Nasty Women” is not just a collection of essays, rather it is a collection of essays by individual women with various degrees of experience, wisdom, feelings, and leadership abilities. I’m sure that there are many women that would not want to resort to some of these types of demonstrations to get their point across. But including these types of sentiments into their cause and movement has great potential to cause confusion, anxiety, and again stifle progress and understanding.

It is not my intent to label women as creatures of feeling and habit. Actually it is quite the opposite. Women have a great capacity for logic of thought and the ability to control their own emotions. I know this to be true because I used to lead and work with female Soldiers. I had a female Soldier once that was very good at her work. I was in charge of maintenance and she was my clerk. One day after work she approached me and explained that our boss was having her work for three weeks straight without a break. I was not aware of this because she never said anything and she was required to work after everybody else was gone for the day. Needless to say I was angry. While explaining she held her composure and was respectful as a Soldier. But, I took the time to listen to her and I expressed that I understood. When she realized that I understood and empathized with her she could not help but start to cry. I told her that it was alright to feel the way she did and that crying did not mean she was unprofessional nor was she weak. She did her best. I then told her to go home and that she could have an extra day off.

I explain this situation because my Soldier, even though she cried, was still professional and tough. I had the opportunity to work with her on many other occasions. Sometimes I had witnessed her being somewhat sassy and assertive to get her point across. In other situations I had seen her be tough and carrying her weight in responsibilities and gruel just like everybody else in the field or in garrison. However, she also knew when she could be the way she was and when it was not appropriate to do so. I believe the reason why she felt she could cry in front of me was because I had built rapor and a good working relationship with her. Therefore, she knew that I would not make fun of her or berate her for being herself, for being a women, and being human.

I do not want this to be a final conclusion. The Feminist movement and cause is very complex and should not be concluded or final assumptions made based on one book about Feminism. The authors in “Nasty Women” are all different and they are their own women.

Book Review by Jamin Chavez

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What Is Your Worth?

What is your worth and what defines you? To me, when I look at a person I see many things. I see things such as potential, greatness, sadness, complexity, honesty, loving, compassion, anger, frustration, and most often a confused or totally uncaring soul.

I know and understand the many reasons why people become any of those at any given moment or situation. And there are certain types of people that have become very complex as a result of their life’s experiences. However, the two that are most unsettling are when I see that a person has become confused and totally uncaring. But when I examine other aspects and characteristics of that individual I can see great potential; areas of the mind, heart, and soul that have become buried or hidden so they can be protected. Sometimes this is a natural defense mechanism so we can protect what matters most to us, our hearts and our soul.

The world might think or believe that an individual is worth this much or that much. Sometimes this worth is defined in monetary terms. However, a person such as Gandhi or Mother Teresa is a treasure; priceless. The world never placed a monetary value on them, yet their worth and their sphere of influence was vast and powerful. If they wanted to I’m sure they could have written books or sold their wisdom for a fortune. I do not believe that was their purpose nor their intent. With many other individuals they have done so and in so doing is their personal choice. As human beings we have been born with the gift of those kinds of freedoms although contrary to the conventional wisdom holders and popular believers of this world. Many times as an individual starts their journey they might not have been recognized yet. However, they will if they keep at it so-to-speak, continue to provide quality, and be who and what they are. Gaining monetary benefits for what they do is sometimes a natural result of what they are and what they are capable of.

With many individuals the reasons why they do or choose certain paths in life is their personal choice. Sometimes those choices are just as complex and beautiful as the individual. However, the prime reason why we are misunderstood is because of other individuals getting offended that we are not doing what they told us to do or we do not fit into their nicely made box of expectations. Every other individual on this earth has their own personal perspective. However, the aspects that make an individual only have one inflexible perspective is rigidity, lack of empathy, lack of aptitude in more than one area of education, and they have been taught how to be unaccepting. Expanding on these explanations further what we have, putting these types of individuals together, is a population of little tyrants; each grumpy, cranky, and ready for dominate control over other individuals. They come in many shapes, sizes, genders, and colors. These kinds of people are the opposition to individuality, creativeness, and personal freedoms. Also the reader might realize that these types of individuals are hypocrites because as a controlling individual they want to take those things away.

When an individual finds their purpose, to include purposes for their purpose, they begin their journey toward expanding their horizons. That group of little tyrants and controlling individuals say you are one thing, collectively many despicable things, and on the other hand you know who and what you are. You know what you want to do, what you want to become, and where you want to be. But, it is also that little group of worldly tyrants that has the power to influence, confuse, and manipulate the individual to include other people that might be interested in you but they are not sure because of the noise.

It takes great strength of the fabric of our character and the following of our individual compass to continue on our journey. We might first notice how much we are worth, as an individual, when we have the opportunity to make a positive difference in at least one persons life. We have the capability to impact them positively in our own unique way. They remember us because of our individuality and uniqueness. If we were just like everybody else they probably would not remember us at all and only as “that guy or that lady”.

Artists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, web developers, auto mechanics, nurses, and teachers of all kinds have all made an impact on some person somewhere at some time. The way they do this is by putting a little bit of themselves into what they do with enthusiasm and passion. A mechanic has the capability to make an engine sound a certain way because of how he works on the engine. A bolt tightened to specification or rocker arms refurbished by his/her hands has a slight difference to what another mechanic would do if you think about it. That’s why there’s the saying “they have that magic touch”. An architect is both an engineer and an artist and has the capability to leave an inspiring impression upon all those that gaze on the potential magnificence of what they are about to design or has designed. These are the reasons that cause an individual to have pride in their work and the people that know them personally to have pride in the fact that they know them. This is self worth.

Self worth is something that we feel as individuals. This is that feeling we get when we know we have done well despite what other people think of us. There is something deep inside at the center of our being we have developed, that no matter what others tell us we know, intrinsically, that it is good. This is a portion of our compass. It helps us to navigate through rough waters and paths of confusion, envy, strife, anger, and frustration. When we reach inward and grasp our compass we become anchored or centered again and we know all is well and everything will be fine; we have a reassurance that we, as individuals, are unique, we are worth value, we still have something to offer, and we are in control of ourselves and our destiny.

An individual does not have just one destiny contrary to popular belief. Let me ask a question to the reader. What happens when we reach and fulfill our destiny and we have not passed from this life to the next yet? What are we to do and are we able to develop another purpose? The answer is yes and this is because in getting, defining, and refining ourselves, the fabric of our character, and our craft we have invariably picked up other skills and attributes along the way.

As individuals we must be careful of those little worldly tyrants. Sometimes their criticism has the potential to be brutal and also nonsensical. We must not let them define who and what we know we are. One of their tactics is to use the volume of criticism to make the individual believe they are something they are not. This is basically the same thing as brainwashing. Keep your hand on your compass and you will be able to weather the storms of criticism, ambiguity, and threats. But it is these dynamics that create the types of individuals that become confused or uncaring, seemingly. I do not blame these types of individuals for building and bolstering their defenses. They must protect what matters to them most. These individuals are misunderstood because they have had to build their defenses and they have become complex as a result of fighting the little worldly tyrants constantly. The complexity results in gaining experience, figuratively speaking, by fighting in combat with them.

However, being a complex individual does not decrease your worth in any way shape or form. Sometimes this results in becoming an inspiration to other people. I will ask the reader, next time they notice an angry looking person with tattoos, a quiet person sitting by themselves reading, a person dressed in biker leather with reading glasses taking part in an intelligent conversation, a person doing something a little unorthodox such as meditating in the middle of a park, or one person interested in another; remember the little tyrants and your own uniqueness. Please be hesitant to make a judgement or conclusion about their character because those individuals just might inspire or teach something that can make a positive difference.