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Bombarded By Seemingly Unrelated Thoughts From Goals? Do This

Since we live in a more connected world it is not surprising that we have also become busier. In our day to day routines we might find it more difficult to accomplish tasks in achieving our goals. Every morning we wake up we might, at first, have positive and happy feelings looking forward to the things we want to accomplish. We usually try to choose things that make us happy and try to get college degrees and work toward obtaining a profession in which we will be happy. However, sometimes it seems as if there are some unseen forces trying to thwart us from accomplishing what we set out to do.

Everybody has experienced this when they first wake up in the morning. It doesn’t make any sense. You wake up and feel awesome and then within seconds thoughts of adversity creep in from nowhere and try to make you feel unhappy. Thoughts of self-doubt, thoughts of inferiority, thoughts about some mistakes you might have made years ago and that somehow they apply to what you are trying to do in the present, thoughts of not being able to be forgiven or even forgive yourself of mistakes, thoughts of imperfections, and the list goes on. If you let it the thoughts of adversity can build up quickly and have the potential to weigh you down thus effectively thwarting you from your goals even before you get the opportunity to get out of bed.

When you are in the moment this seems complex and daunting because that’s the way thoughts of adversity and self-doubt want you to think. But always remember to ask yourself “how are these thoughts related to what I’m doing currently?”, “how are these thoughts related to the goals I want to achieve?”, “Do any of these thoughts make any sense?”, “how would I feel and what would I be doing if none of these thoughts had entered into my mind?”, and “is what I do, who I am, and what I’m trying to accomplish important to anything?”. If so then basically, something knows that who you are, what you do, and what you are to accomplish IS important and you were right to wake up feeling happy and looking forward to what you want to accomplish.

Even during your day, after you have gotten out of bed, and have already begun to work the same dynamics might happen and creep up on your mind. A flood of seemingly unrelated thoughts and feelings might distract you from what you are trying to do. It seems as if these thoughts and feelings know everything about you. But not really because whatever it is, it is NOT you. You might have or even surprise yourself how much you are able to accomplish despite various types of adversity and that in and of itself is a type of self-satisfaction and self-accomplishment you can add to your wall of trophies and accomplishments. Of course, wherever it is that you keep your display of accomplishments. More specifically what I’m talking about is the wall of accomplishments of self-worth.

While you are trying to do something the tool that I’ve found to be most effective is carrying a notebook and a pen. If something else works for you do that, but a smartphone or tablet with its various functions might be more distracting. I know recently, paper tablets have been developed that are simpler in their design and function. That might work. But, when you feel the dynamics of adverse thoughts and feelings creep in whether they be good or bad. Take the good from the bad and write down notes of the good.

Angels and demons come in many different shapes, forms, and fashions. Other cultures and religions call the by other names. Whatever their shape, form, or fashion learn to take the good from the bad and learn to consistently ask yourself the type of questions I stated previously. I know it sounds simple but when the adverse complexities of chaos ensure in your life what you need is a simple and yet highly effective tool which could also be your most powerful weapon against adverse dynamics.

When I take notes I earmark mine with a “D”. This helps me remember things, goals, or tasks. It also helps me categorize things. You could use any other letter you choose or something different on your notes. Whatever works best for you, but that’s what I do.


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