What PPHC Compass does

PPHC Compass conducts analytical research looking at the full spectrum of information and various perspectives on issues pertaining to Principle, Purpose, Honor, and Country getting to the cause or reason of a problem.

Provides an informative blog that presents perspectives, educates, and raises awareness about topics of Principle, Purpose, Honor, and Country that are fundamental to the American way of life.

PPHC Compass puts America first but stands with like minded individuals and Countries.

PPHC Compass advocates and supports cures for brain cancer and alzheimers.

The belief is that every person has a purpose. Once they accomplish the goals of their purpose they find another purpose. However, illnesses such as brain cancer and alzheimers should not get in the way. These illnesses not only affect the individual but also their family, friends, and supporters. Our most cherished memories, knowledge, experience, and wisdom are contained within our mind and we use those in tandem with what’s in our heart. Those are our compass and a compass cannot work if hindered by an illness. From time to time PPHC Compass will host fundraisers on Facebook giving the proceeds to a chosen medical organization that specializes in these cures. PPHC Compass sincerely asks your support in this.

PPHC Compass also advocates and supports education and reform for positive growth.

Education is very important especially for our youth. There are different areas in which our youth are able to receive an education as there are different types. There is education that we receive from our families, our places of worship, self education, and the traditional secular education. However, it is important that children receive the best type of education possible to set them up for success. Individuals that receive the best education, collectively, make the best and biggest positive impact on society. It is a belief of PPHC Compass that education should not end at grade twelve but is a process that continues.

PPHC Compass supports government reform, realignment, and repair at all levels for positive growth in addition to the current President of the United States. If it will make a positive impact on society for the better PPHC Compass supports it.