PPHC Compass Publisher, Bookstore, Tech Nerd Culture, and the Orion Net Project

PPHC Compass Publisher

– PPHC Compass Publisher was established on February 17, 2018, by Jamin E Chavez Director and Owner of PPHC Compass Publisher. PPHC Compass Publisher became a DBA or Doing Business As after Jamin Chavez Independently wrote and published his first book “Freedom and the Will to Move Forward: A Compass For Today’s World”. Jamin Chavez had more aspirations than just publishing a single book. Since he has a background in teaching, electronics, technology, and web development he was trying to figure out what to do, exactly, with PPHC Compass Publisher and what type of products and services the business would produce and sell.

-Later that year while working on his Master’s Degree in Information Management Technology, Jamin Chavez wanted to provide web development services to Independent Authors, since he has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. He realized that publishing is a very generalized category of the Publishing Industry. That meant that when developers write programming code and they complete the SDLC or software development life cycle they basically publish their application or program. This is the same with web development, which is the process of constructing and writing programming code. Website publishing is the SDLC process as a whole.

-Jamin Chavez knew that the United States, from 2018-2019, was lagging behind in technology and AI (artificial intelligence) compared to other countries. There was also a problem with cybersecurity. This was not up to his standards and principles and he realized the root problem, overall, was STEM/STEAM education and society. How would he be able to articulate what he wanted to do with PPHC Compass Publisher, the services and products it provides and sells, and still help the United States of America? The solution was to write and Independently publish “Leadership and Self-Worth: A Tech Nerd’s Guide” then create “Tech Nerd Culture”.

-Another problem, Jamin Chavez, realized could be fixed at the same time was to help people read and purchase more books by fixing the previous problems.

-The PPHC Compass Publisher Bookstore caters to Independently published Authors. The Bookstore sells NEW BOOKS ONLY and by the more well-known Publishers to a lesser extent. Construction of the PPHC Compass Publisher is currently a Work In Progress.

-PPHC Compass Publisher provides website development services to current and new authors at a reduced rate.

-PPHC Compass Publisher also develops and publishes electronic applications.

-For information on the Orion Net Project please follow the link.