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Tough Running a Publishing Business in a Small Missouri Town

This is Jamin Chavez, Owner and Director of PPHC Compass Publisher. I started PPHC Compass Publisher as a hobby writing my first book “Freedom and the Will to Move Forward: A Compass for Today’s World” about a year ago and a second published book “Leadership and Self-Worth: A Tech Nerds Guide”, the flagship book to my “Tech Nerd Culture”. I have a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Management Technology. I am also an Army Veteran where I worked on the Patriot Missile System as a technician and an Instructor. I have worked with Generals, Politicians, and other VIP’s working on books and making important decisions about our Culture and processes. In other words my input is valued.

I also developed what I call Urban and Social Media Asymetrical Dynamics, where an individual can connect the dots in figuring out trends and potential hot spots and areas of trouble in society. An individual can simply walk outside at various times and take notes of their surroundings in addition to what they notice on social media to see what people are doing and how they are doing what they are doing. Paying attention to mannerisms and human nature while summing up similar occurrences can be very insightful. This is in part how I’ve used some of my skills to steer clear of trouble.

However, with all of my skills, knowledge, and experience I have not had much luck in selling very many of my books or products. I ran into some trouble a few months back and found that one of my smartphones had been hacked. Growing up in Kirksville Missouri, I did not know that it was predominantly Democratic. This includes the surrounding communities and the town of La Plata Missouri in which PPHC Compass Publisher is. Of course my perspective was different when I was younger. Things were somewhat easier and I did not have as much to think or worry about. Now it seems as if my porch has become an island I’ve been imprisoned to instead of the bookstore publishing business haven I envisioned.

About seven or eight months ago I began to rebuild my front porch before I set up a sign for the front yard and other dynamics and functional areas I needed for my business. I encountered a problem. I had a lot of waste from the old porch and thought I knew the rules exactly of the town. I went on and put the old porch wood out on the curb but it was too soon. A couple hours later the police showed up. Me, dirty, sweaty, and somewhat out of breath paused and greeted the police officer as he walked up to me and began to ask me questions. I started to explain but he wanted to be argumentative. I thought for a split second “Is this situation going to be similar to when I got kicked out of a coffee shop for not a single reason other than they did not like me?” I did not know, but I pulled out my smartphone and began recording the interaction. I asked the police officer more questions and he gave me better responses after that. I immediately moved the old wood to a better location. During the move, one of my land lords wanted to be argumentative as well. The only portion of this that made any sense to me was they were looking for a reason to shut me down early so I could not even begin my bookstore or publishing business.

I’ve heard many times “Well, this is a medical community and we cater to those that need medical attention.” I’ve always thought that was a sad excuse for not allowing other, better, and more businesses in to improve everything, to include my business. On December 9th of last year I went to the local bar to relax and ran into a drunk guy banging on the bathroom door while I was using that. I walked out and asked him to step aside. A few moments later and we were outside and then I was told to leave even though none of that was my fault. The drunk guy got to stay even after I talked to the same police officer. I left and have not been back since. I’ve also noticed strange things like driving a distance and the engine oil light coming on in my vehicle even though I had the oil changed a month prior and there were not any leaks under the engine. There was only one place I took my vehicle to for service and they also happen to make keys there.

Last week I went on a walk and came back to about five or six puddles of chew tobacco spit across the deck. I had to take the front yard sign down because I noticed people were playing games with that and figured if they wanted to play games I would begin taking certain things away. Most of the time I go out on the front porch to get fresh air, take a break, renew my spatial awareness….NOT to drink coffee for other people. I noticed a trend of people and movement whereas if I’m drinking coffee people seem to be happier driving and walking by but there has not been a single person or customer stop by since a year prior when I opened. I’ve only sold one digital copy of my books online within the last year. It now seems as if I go out on my front porch now to ensure I’m not crazy.

In one perspective it makes sense to me why certain things have happened and have not happened and on the other hand none of what has happened makes any sense whatsoever. The biggest portion of these occurrences and me not selling any of my products is that there seems to be a collective Democratic agenda against publishing and book-reading. It might seem stupid to ask doesn’t anybody read books anymore? That question might be simple for anybody else and self explanatory but for me, anybody that wants to purchase or read a brand new book in my area has to jump through hoops and earn some sort of medal before they can purchase one of my books. Who the heck created this standard? I, however, did not. I see people walk by all the time. They glance over for a moment and have this questioned look on their faces and others have asked me “What is this place?” even though the sign clearly states what it is. It seems they think it’s a joke. But, educating oneself and reading is not a joke.

Not very many people seem to get out or converse and collaborate with each other in my town either. It seems everybody lives in some sort of dream world with a slogan such as City of La Plata “Best Kept Secret”. What secret exactly is that I wonder? I look on Facebook for people to talk to and everybody in the whole town that should show up in a general search do not even come up. What the heck is going on? Well, it seems to me it’s not necessarily the Democratic Party, rather Socialistic Ideologies that have plagued the surrounding communities for decades.

It seems, I’ve summed up, that people around here are more interested in “The Game” and putting themselves into “The Machine” instead of being free reading a book educating themselves or exploring their own imaginations, unequivocally. The local library sells used books. I sell new books and provide services, to include an inexpensive cup of coffee. Another reason is that maybe somehow the local population thinks they can somehow use me as an information source, even though I rarely have any contact or human interaction with anybody. All of this seems weird but that’s the way it’s been to include the adversity I’ve experienced. Socialism hates the press and people being allowed to educate themselves and ask questions. It could be that some or many see my business, “PPHC Compass Publisher”, as an existential threat…sarcasm included. Education and asking questions are definitely not a threat.

These occurrences are very weird to me, not to mention I’ve been through similar situations two to three years in a row. If more of the same keeps happening to include noticeable isolation and adversity something not good is going to happen. I hope people begin to intellectualize the value of reading a book for themselves and education instead of going through some sort of lawsuit because of Conventional Wisdom. In seeking answers Conventional Wisdom is never the way to go. Please read a book and explore what Tech Nerd Culture is…ask some questions directly.


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