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What Is Your Worth?

What is your worth and what defines you? To me, when I look at a person I see many things. I see things such as potential, greatness, sadness, complexity, honesty, loving, compassion, anger, frustration, and most often a confused or totally uncaring soul.

I know and understand the many reasons why people become any of those at any given moment or situation. And there are certain types of people that have become very complex as a result of their life’s experiences. However, the two that are most unsettling are when I see that a person has become confused and totally uncaring. But when I examine other aspects and characteristics of that individual I can see great potential; areas of the mind, heart, and soul that have become buried or hidden so they can be protected. Sometimes this is a natural defense mechanism so we can protect what matters most to us, our hearts and our soul.

The world might think or believe that an individual is worth this much or that much. Sometimes this worth is defined in monetary terms. However, a person such as Gandhi or Mother Teresa is a treasure; priceless. The world never placed a monetary value on them, yet their worth and their sphere of influence was vast and powerful. If they wanted to I’m sure they could have written books or sold their wisdom for a fortune. I do not believe that was their purpose nor their intent. With many other individuals they have done so and in so doing is their personal choice. As human beings we have been born with the gift of those kinds of freedoms although contrary to the conventional wisdom holders and popular believers of this world. Many times as an individual starts their journey they might not have been recognized yet. However, they will if they keep at it so-to-speak, continue to provide quality, and be who and what they are. Gaining monetary benefits for what they do is sometimes a natural result of what they are and what they are capable of.

With many individuals the reasons why they do or choose certain paths in life is their personal choice. Sometimes those choices are just as complex and beautiful as the individual. However, the prime reason why we are misunderstood is because of other individuals getting offended that we are not doing what they told us to do or we do not fit into their nicely made box of expectations. Every other individual on this earth has their own personal perspective. However, the aspects that make an individual only have one inflexible perspective is rigidity, lack of empathy, lack of aptitude in more than one area of education, and they have been taught how to be unaccepting. Expanding on these explanations further what we have, putting these types of individuals together, is a population of little tyrants; each grumpy, cranky, and ready for dominate control over other individuals. They come in many shapes, sizes, genders, and colors. These kinds of people are the opposition to individuality, creativeness, and personal freedoms. Also the reader might realize that these types of individuals are hypocrites because as a controlling individual they want to take those things away.

When an individual finds their purpose, to include purposes for their purpose, they begin their journey toward expanding their horizons. That group of little tyrants and controlling individuals say you are one thing, collectively many despicable things, and on the other hand you know who and what you are. You know what you want to do, what you want to become, and where you want to be. But, it is also that little group of worldly tyrants that has the power to influence, confuse, and manipulate the individual to include other people that might be interested in you but they are not sure because of the noise.

It takes great strength of the fabric of our character and the following of our individual compass to continue on our journey. We might first notice how much we are worth, as an individual, when we have the opportunity to make a positive difference in at least one persons life. We have the capability to impact them positively in our own unique way. They remember us because of our individuality and uniqueness. If we were just like everybody else they probably would not remember us at all and only as “that guy or that lady”.

Artists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, web developers, auto mechanics, nurses, and teachers of all kinds have all made an impact on some person somewhere at some time. The way they do this is by putting a little bit of themselves into what they do with enthusiasm and passion. A mechanic has the capability to make an engine sound a certain way because of how he works on the engine. A bolt tightened to specification or rocker arms refurbished by his/her hands has a slight difference to what another mechanic would do if you think about it. That’s why there’s the saying “they have that magic touch”. An architect is both an engineer and an artist and has the capability to leave an inspiring impression upon all those that gaze on the potential magnificence of what they are about to design or has designed. These are the reasons that cause an individual to have pride in their work and the people that know them personally to have pride in the fact that they know them. This is self worth.

Self worth is something that we feel as individuals. This is that feeling we get when we know we have done well despite what other people think of us. There is something deep inside at the center of our being we have developed, that no matter what others tell us we know, intrinsically, that it is good. This is a portion of our compass. It helps us to navigate through rough waters and paths of confusion, envy, strife, anger, and frustration. When we reach inward and grasp our compass we become anchored or centered again and we know all is well and everything will be fine; we have a reassurance that we, as individuals, are unique, we are worth value, we still have something to offer, and we are in control of ourselves and our destiny.

An individual does not have just one destiny contrary to popular belief. Let me ask a question to the reader. What happens when we reach and fulfill our destiny and we have not passed from this life to the next yet? What are we to do and are we able to develop another purpose? The answer is yes and this is because in getting, defining, and refining ourselves, the fabric of our character, and our craft we have invariably picked up other skills and attributes along the way.

As individuals we must be careful of those little worldly tyrants. Sometimes their criticism has the potential to be brutal and also nonsensical. We must not let them define who and what we know we are. One of their tactics is to use the volume of criticism to make the individual believe they are something they are not. This is basically the same thing as brainwashing. Keep your hand on your compass and you will be able to weather the storms of criticism, ambiguity, and threats. But it is these dynamics that create the types of individuals that become confused or uncaring, seemingly. I do not blame these types of individuals for building and bolstering their defenses. They must protect what matters to them most. These individuals are misunderstood because they have had to build their defenses and they have become complex as a result of fighting the little worldly tyrants constantly. The complexity results in gaining experience, figuratively speaking, by fighting in combat with them.

However, being a complex individual does not decrease your worth in any way shape or form. Sometimes this results in becoming an inspiration to other people. I will ask the reader, next time they notice an angry looking person with tattoos, a quiet person sitting by themselves reading, a person dressed in biker leather with reading glasses taking part in an intelligent conversation, a person doing something a little unorthodox such as meditating in the middle of a park, or one person interested in another; remember the little tyrants and your own uniqueness. Please be hesitant to make a judgement or conclusion about their character because those individuals just might inspire or teach something that can make a positive difference.



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