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The UK Needs Brexit: Take The Red Pill & Exit

First I will say that the credit belongs to Nigel Farage, Dominic Raad, and Boris Johnson. Mr Farage is the father of Brexit, Mr Raad, and Mr Johnson are all three honorable and intelligent men. In writing this my purpose is to not take anything away from them, their country, or the hard work and determination they have been putting in since Brexit’s architecture and inception. My purpose is one of support and encouragement. The credit also belongs to the many Brexiteer’s, Constituents, and Right Honorable’s that have supported these three gentlemen.

This has so far been a difficult and arduous pursuit, but also an honorable and totally worthy goal. The United States of America and the United Kingdom have shared and share some similarities and difficulties. These similarities and difficulties have been found in areas of government, culture, and society.

I have read the Brexit White Papers, Nigel Farage’s and Dominic Raad’s versions, in their entirety. The words contained within the pages make total sense and they set up the government and people of the UK for future success. The two biggest areas are to secure the UK’s borders and their fisheries around the waters of the UK. These two areas are very important to them and when they do leave the European Union they will have greater opportunity to bring in capital from those fisheries than they would if they stay with the EU. This, and being able to secure their borders with up-to-date technology will also help bolster their GDP.

In addition, the UK leaving the EU will also create a healthy market of competition. If the UK decides or has decided to include “Free Trade” this will still create a healthy market of competition. A Nations quality of goods and services is what will drive the competition even if there are not any tariffs. The EU is exactly what that is, a union. In some cases a union is good, however in this case history has shown that this is detrimental to the people of the UK. Businesses within the UK and any nation that follows in its footsteps will be able to compete again on the global market instead of settling for the droll and mundane. Competition also spurs innovation and drives up quality.

However, the resistance and opposition they have been getting is from, like America, the Democratic side and the uneducated population. I have listened to Brexit news and UK broadcasts within these past three to four months and realized that the UK needs Americas support. They need our support in a way that does not infringe on their rights as citizens of the UK nor creates controversy in matters of civility and order. We should support them in ways aligned with laws that mesh between interactions of both Nations. Since the UK is their country and they need Brexit, in supporting them, we should follow the lead of the Right Honorable’s Farage, Raad, and Johnson.

President Trump has already made decisions on this matter, and of course, this should still be his decision to lead the American people in supporting people of the UK. However, like I stated previously, supporting them and strengthening their spirits will also strengthen ours. Speaking for myself, I stand with and support the Right Honorable’s Farage, Raad, and Johnson. This is not only for the fact that their version of Brexit is Republican based but because I believe this will be a positive benefit to the people of the UK as a whole.

Lastly, I will also say that if these words are ignored, and after this writing the opposition over there increases from their Left; this will show, definitely the kind of world we live in today. If the opposition over there increases in addition to our own, this should not be allowed to happen or go unchecked. I have written on various forms of tyranny that people of, not just America, but also the UK have experienced. I have written on the detrimental changes in culture and society that have taken place over the past decades.

If ideologies such as Democratic Socialism, Liberalism, Progressivism, and extreme Feminism are allowed to flourish in our own country, imagine what the whole World would be like if those ideologies were allowed to take control. I do not believe this is the kind of Nation let alone World in which any nationalist or patriot would want to live in no matter their country of origin.


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