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Moments of Admiration & Splendor

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Within every person is a yearning; an innate sense that tugs at the fringes of the soul and dances lightly upon our faint thoughts and feelings. Sitting in a cubicle, noticing your aching feet treading upon the pavement of the city surrounded by tall buildings, feeling the distant implosive urge to let loose frustration stuck in traffic, going through the mundane motions of every work week, and when the short moment arises; quietly you wish you were somewhere else.

There are portions of this world that are not vague, not confusing, not frustrating, and not ambiguous. Sometimes we reach an apogee in our understanding as we try to soar to heights within ourselves we have yet to discover. Going to the depths within ourselves we find portions of our fabric we have only worked on somewhat. Some of it we might wish we had more time to explore and connect the two; our heights and our depths.

Skirting along the circumference and edges of our immediate realm of existence we might find tension lies at every infinite corner. Where and which way do we turn? Where else can we go? Is there such thing as a sphere? Even though nature is complex it simplifies the heart, mind, and soul. We must make a date with ourselves to travel into the wilderness wherever we can find it. When we arrive at our destination, we as a group of individuals that journey on their own paths, we must take in what we hear, see, feel, and touch. Notice how the surrounding environment changes us within. However, we must let nature do its part.

When we listen, take notice of natures rhythm. When we see, take a good look and let it make an imprint on the fabric of your character. What is your position in relation to this? When we feel, notice the serenity of the wind silking on its way and the frequency it creates moving through the trees. Touching a nearby tree you might notice a stark contrast between the surface of your desk and the natural roughness of bark. You might notice the difference between the pavement in the city and the soft crunch and sound of dirt and grass beneath your feet.

Admiration and splendor found in nature, when stumbled upon, creates within us a connection between the soul and the energy of the earth. The encompassing feeling we get when our mind captures the gravity of the splendid scene around us and before us awakens our faculties. Take these moments in and remember them.

When it is time to return to the world of the mundane, the hustle and bustle, and droll at least we will have with us a renewed sense of natural self. We will carry with us the spirit of the earth in its natural form. In those short spans of relaxation at work we will have those moments of admiration and splendor we took into the fabric of our character to carry us through until the next time.

2 thoughts on “Moments of Admiration & Splendor

  1. What I’ve read so far, i’ve enjoyed. Your writings are very thought provoking and very insightful. I’m looking forward to reading more and receiving your emails.

    Best regards,

    Konnie ‘Rose’ Summers

    1. Thank you Konnie. I am very happy you enjoy my writing and blog.

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