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A System & Stitching? Reform & Realignment

Ralph Waldo Emerson made a mistake by comparing a person to a system. A system is a process such as is found in a school, college, or university. A subsystem is one of the portions in a vehicle that makes up the system as a whole. A system is something such as what runs a computer. A system is what helps keep our government running.

A system is made up of processes and functions much like the human body. Of course, the human body is strongest when it is whole compared to a subtraction of one of its parts. A first thought might be, sure the human body could be thought of as a system comprised of subsystems. However, if we look past that and deeper, the systems previously mentioned do not have a set of personal ethics, feelings, thoughts, values, morals, and principles.

A government can have ethics, morals, and principles as a whole, but what it is comprised of is what makes it unique and naturally contentious or “rowdy” at times. How can a person or group of individuals accuse a sitting President of the United States of being contentious or rowdy if they admit that even their own political party is such? In addition to that Hillary Clinton says that it is the nature of Democracies to be that way and not specifically our Democracy. There are more than one Democracy in this world.

A person or a people are unique because we have the capability of using more than just the systems and subsystems that make up our human form. We can dream, we can think in the abstract, we can speak metaphorically and understand, we have the capacity to love and have empathy for other people, and we can process those instantaneously upon understanding. We also have the capability to use our personal ethics, feelings, thoughts, values, morals, principles, and intertwine them with aspects such as empathy and using metaphors.

Restitching our society back together will only hold it back together for a certain amount of time until some of the people that restitched it get exasperated because they’ve been there before, they’ve tried that, and they’ve lose hope. We have come so far from what was proposed as the New World Order. Before the Presidency of Donald Trump the United States was slowly being disintegrated, dissolved, and degenerated by allowing other countries to make important decisions either for us or having a say so in matters relating to our sovereignty, our education, our values, and principles. Yes, America is diverse and that’s what makes us unique, tough, independent, and industrious. But to say we are a melting pot takes away how important we are as a nation. It puts us in the category of the blase. We are not blase or deplorable, we are exceptional. Yes, Americans should and need to work together but the best way to do so is using perspective, understanding, education, and work.

Americans as a whole, as a society, as a culture, a people, under the name American, and under their God are uniquely capable of coming up with a better way than just restitching our society back together. This begins with each individual, then the family, our schools, our organizations, our businesses, our industry, and then society. Together we as Americans are tougher and smarter in meeting the challenges that a nation faces. With an individual it would not be wise to tell their self, “I’m going to stitch myself back together” figuratively speaking. This strikingly resembles two or more pieces of fabric that have been well worn being sewn back together without going through any other process.

Restitching something back together, figuratively speaking, just means using and doing the same old thing. The bad aspect about fabric is that even being sewn back together a couple of times it can’t be repaired anymore. However, a much better process would be to introduce a new piece of fabric and sew that into or onto a hole in a pair of pants or a blanket. This would hold for the time being, but ONLY with the forethought and plan that completely new fabric is going to be used in the future.

This is the same with individuals. If we have a problem we can’t fix and we’ve tried the same thing over and over and it hasn’t worked what do we do? We go at the problem from a new and different perspective. This is where reform and realignment comes in. We are made up of our own individual fabric. The fabric I am speaking of is abstract. It is not just one color, it is not just made out of one specific material, and it is not just to be used once or twice and constantly resewn.

I’m sure you have seen the various fabrics, colors, and needlework used to make a quilt, designer jeans, techniques used in embroidery, knitting techniques, and work done on an old fashioned loom. We are the same and we are comprised of and are capable of using more than one of these techniques, the various colors, and types of cloth to renew ourselves. Just like clothes we can undergo the process of carding to reform and realign ourselves.

The fabric of our character has the capability of becoming stronger the more we learn and grow by experience incorporating different techniques into it. There might be mistakes or imperfections in our fabric where we might have gotten in a hurry or didn’t pay enough attention. However, we have the capability to identify those and make them stronger or completely new with the help of people that understand.

Figuratively speaking, if all else fails we throw the fabric of our character into the fire. When the fire dies down we gather the ashes and use those to nourish the plants that will grow into new fabric. This is the process of going through our own trials and lessons. This usually happens when we cannot see another’s perspective or change our perspective, learn, or grow. Sometimes a person might choose to undergo their own trials or lessons because they have come to the realization that the only way to change or make something better is to start new completely.

The three processes of patching, carding, or putting your fabric into the fire should not be taken lightly or begin in the hasty. With the individual these two processes are very important because every person is different. However, with the family, the school, the organization, the business, the government, or areas of the industry are capable of deciding for themselves which process they should undergo. But the best thing to do is begin with each person individually and then go from there.

by Jamin Chavez



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