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Book Review of “Trump’s America”

The book “Trump’s America” is Newt Gingrich’s work and as Theodore Roosevelt said “the credit belongs to the man in the arena”.

If anybody is interested in Political Science this is a must read. Newt Gingrich clearly defines the areas of tumult that President Trump, members of his party, and the thousands of men and women have to deal with on a day to day basis. Each chapter begins with a “Comeback” theme. This is to let the reader know, clearly, that’s what they are doing and have been doing since President Trump took office.

There are all kinds of dynamics spelled out and clearly defined and then explained that Newt Gingrich writes. A common theme is the explanation of aspects of the American way of life that we as a nation have lost from the Presidency of Obama and some from previous administrations. That is not far from the truth at all. The numbers and facts show this.

Recently past President Obama gave his Beans and Corn speech where he hints by taking a shot at Thoreau, Emerson, and transcendentalism. The news was fraught with comments about how Obama took the time to make everything about him. They said that basically he was trying to steal the credit from President Trump in addition to criticizing him. Obama said that the economy was already in recovery just before he left office. However, Newt Gingrich provides more than ample evidence of facts that this is just not the case.

One observation I will point out is that the opposition to President Trump, the members of his party, and his supporters has been brutal. The Left has tried to keep the Right in lock and step every step of the way in addition to the “Gang of Eight“, the Swamp, and Old Guard Democrats and Republicans that are reluctant of change. The Old Guard members are the individuals, as a group, that like things planned and predictable. They are the most bureaucratic politicians there are. But, why would these kinds of people want to push so much opposition?

Basically the opposition are used to doing things their way, they’re evil, self centered, and power hungry. When the Left is in power, with a Democratic President, the opposition works overtime to put in as much red tape regulation as possible and tears down everything that will make the majority of Americans prosperous. It just so happens that historically these kinds of people have pooled en mass on the political Left. In addition to that they have their Republicans In Name Only as subversive constituents acting to thwart everything the Right does.

Figuratively speaking the Lefts ultimate goal is to build their own “ant hills” as a Utopia of Dystopia across America. They have been slowly, secretly, and systematically gone on the offense using the ideologies of socialism, extreme feminism, liberalism, and progressive-ism in a psychological warfare approach. Reading “Trump’s America” further solidified my suspicions of what I believe their big picture is.

Allow me to put into perspective the worst scenario possible. This might be a little out there or too far to see right now. But the Democratic Socialists of America have roughly 20,000 members across the United States with meeting houses in various locations. Would it be too dangerous to say that each of these meeting house locations are where these people plan to build up their own thrones while they let the majority of the population wither away? This might seem far-fetched, extreme, a little weird but history has shown us that things like this have happened. Hitler wanted to take over the world sharing it with Mussolini and Japan. We have Antifa fighting and causing violence in the streets much like Mussolini’s “Brown Shirts”. Hitler and the Nazi’s practiced eugenics which is comparable to Planned Parenthood as to what Burgess Owens explains in his book “Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies, and Wimps”. And Hitlers concentration camps are probably a sick and twisted way of calling the Kings and Queens of the Democratic Socialists “ant hills”, their future thrones. They each get to be a dictator of their own ant hill with walls while the people within those walls get to toil and labor the rest of their natural lives.

As Newt Gingrich pointed out about the resistance of President Trumps “Space Force” and the NASA Space program, he said “real change in American space activities will be controversial. It will stir up opposition from entrenched bureaucracies, large corporations, and congressional pork barrel vested interests. If you don’t see or hear about this resistance, you can assume it is because the old guard has successfully minimized the amount of change coming, and instead of thinking big, we are acting small.”

I’ve noticed that when things get quiet from the news and other media sources that’s when the Left and their supporters are planning their plots. They make a bunch of noise and push immense opposition. The Republicans dig in and do their best to defend themselves until they can maneuver toward a victory, but it’s like the fight for Hamburger Hill. Even while the Republicans are fighting back the Left puts their best actors on stage to distract while their associate factions are busy planning for the next attack. One of their biggest advocates are organizations such as the ACLU and NAACP as Burgess Owens points out. But it is difficult for the Republicans and Conservatives to fight back and make valid points publicly when organizations like the previous two support things like “The Black Race Card” and “All White People are Racists” echoed and repeated even by some African Americans and White Americans from the Left.

However, not all African Americans feel this way nor do they use these tactics and methods. There are more Conservative African Americans that a person might think in addition to many that are tired of the way things have been. Creating a culture from the Left where Planned Parenthood aids in aborting, on average, 1,876 African American babies a day does not help their culture. Family values, morals, and principles have gone out the window and responsibility is a thing of the past. I do not disagree that these problems are difficult to solve. I do believe that as a society we can begin a healing process and spur the best ideas that will collectively contribute toward the best decisions. We have already begun communing on these issues, especially abortion. But, this issue runs deep and is very complex. I also believe that when we focus on and begin repairing the fundamental values and principles of our society, the basic ones, and we put into motion what we have repaired, we can begin to solve the more complex issues.

However, the average American would not know these types of problems existed because the Left and Liberals have been screaming and distracting so loudly. This is how they drown out the important issues. Newt Gingrich explains this in Part II called Challenges.

The previous explanations and examples are multifaceted and very complex problems and the results of President H. W. Bush’s New World Order has not helped. Some of these problems are not new but allowing the rest of the world dictate and make decisions on how we conduct our sovereignty, freedom, and liberty is not good indeed.

President Obama, the Democrats, RINO’s, and Swamp members unleashed an aggressive offense toward completely tearing down the principles and aspects that have made America great. They have done this by warping and twisting what might have been good intentions by President H. W. Bush. But I am not that naive.

All the red tape regulations, the decline in the economy, feminism being warped and twisted from its original intentions and goals, innocent lives being lost or beaten because of groups like Antifa, the quiet and secret practices of eugenics, extreme opposition from mass media and manipulation from Tech Giants mostly comes from one side…..the Left.

The Republicans and President Trumps accomplishments do not go completely unnoticed. They have begun their offense and have pulled themselves out of the trenches from where they once fought. It hasn’t even been two complete years and America has become better and stronger under the leadership and guidance of President Trump and loyal Republicans. There are even few Democrats that agree with what has been accomplished, especially from bipartisan efforts.

However, there is one aspect that needs to be made clear. Newt Gingrich explains that the Democratic Party was born from Andrew Jackson’s Presidency and his tactics. He explains that essentially President Trump is using the same tactics to root out the Deep State, drain the Swamp, cut red tape regulations, grow the economy, and get America out of debt. That’s basically what Jackson did in general.

The difference is that in 1824 we had the “Establishment” and the nation was still young, gaining experience. As Newt Gingrich explains “America’s government started as an orderly Federalist system dominated by southern aristocrats and Yankee gentlemen of wealth. That group dominated society and government from the Declaration of Independence in 1776 through the election of 1820.” However, regular citizens such as farmers and blue collar workers had a lot of influence on the establishment and displayed open contempt or disagreement.

When John Quincy Adams was elected President, Jackson and his supporters were furious because of an appointment of Speaker Clay to be Adams successor after he was out of office. After all it was Speaker Clay’s decision to elect Adams because of the messy election results. While Adams was being sworn in Jackson gathered his coalition and began going about the country doing much the same thing the political Left has been doing today. Then President Adams and his members put up with daily abusive assaults daily, for four years.

Later Jackson was elected President, got America out of debt by being frugal, and furiously fought back against the establishment. However, I do not believe President Trump is doing exactly the same thing. America has a history of taking the good from the bad. Socialism did bring us medicare and a public school system, but that does not mean we need to legitimize it. The bad ideologies and historical results of socialism far outweigh anything good that came from it. It’s true, Jackson was aggressive and President Trump is not afraid of a fight. But while President Obama was in office President Trump never did what Jackson did nor did he do what his predecessor did during his campaign. President Trump is still a little rough around the edges but that’s because he’s not afraid to be what he is. His profession before he became President was a very accomplished business man and he knows how to converse professionally with people from around the world. This means he understands culture from various perspectives and that is very important when interacting with other world leaders.

Today we have technology that enables us to communicate anywhere instantaneously. Even in public if President Trump criticizes someone it sounds more like constructive criticism. Unlike Jackson’s supporters the modern Right has learned better ways to fight back against the Left but it has been difficult because the Left has spurred and espoused the kind of tactics, ideologies, and culture that almost instantaneously crushes anyone on the Right because of social media. This is true if they get out of step with the Lefts lock step strategy by saying one word or a sentence the wrong way because of political correctness. Modern technology has been the Lefts enabler and platform.

It is my opinion that the Republicans have taken note that President Trump is not afraid to be what he is. The rest of the American people that support President Trump and his Republican supporters like this about him. The interesting dynamics between a good leader and his/her subordinates is when the leader is strong enough to pave the way so that the subordinates can do their work, they work. When a leader treats their subordinates with dignity and respect at the same time holding them accountable with discipline, they work their butts off. Because of those two dynamics both are able to accomplish great goals. President Trump always thanks his subordinates for their hard work and commitment. When those three dynamics happen what you get is a glorious symphony. And Mr Gingrich, thank you for writing an intelligent and very insightful book.

Thank you for reading

Make America Great Again


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