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Credible Wisdom

3 Types of Wisdom 2

When I think of the word credible I think of organizations, a person that is a professional that has notable wisdom, or literature that has a type of certification backing it. I think of these entities as possessing certain professional characteristics and traits. However, with some literature, even literature that is not widely known can be credible especially if it has the facts to back its statements and explanations. That can be a type of certification because there are more than one type of certification.

For something to be credible, whatever the source, it needs to become convincing and believable through remarkable and/or significant experience, knowledge, and judgment. I will add perception. A person, organization, or literature that is capable of perceiving something and is able to make a valid argument as compared to heavy conventional wisdom is, in my opinion, credible.

Criticism can also be considered conventional wisdom. This goes with the common phrase “everybody has an opinion”. But is the criticism constructive or destructive? In trying to decide which is which the source needs to be notable, then credible, and finally the credible source needs to contain or show aspects such as principle, values, ethics, morals, purpose, honor, diversity, and integrity to name some.

An example of two organizations that might or might not show professional characteristics or traits is Fox News and CNN. Both are credible news sources. However, Fox News sits more on the political Conservative side and CNN sits on the more political Liberal side. Yes, both news and information sources are considered credible and believable. What I look for should be at the bottom of an organizations website.

Fox News has a section called “Compliance” that is at the bottom of their website under the general category, “About”. This is titled “Fox News Workplace Professionalism and Inclusion Counsel Report”. This report talks about their mission, their purpose, provides guidance, talks about accountability, workplace diversity, and of course compliance. This also clearly provides a place a person can go if they want to know more about Fox News Corporate governance, procedures, and policies. This is called their “Statement of Corporate Governance“. This can be found on their corporate website. I found this in the second paragraph of their Professionalism and Inclusion Counsel Report. This is impressive for the fact that it only took me about three steps to find the information I was looking for to see if they follow the categories of ethics, principles, morals, honor, and integrity and voluntarily hold themselves accountable by conducting meetings, collaborating, and communicating according to their workplace policies and procedures.

I went to CNN’s website and looked for the same type of information. If a person goes to the bottom of their website under the general category “About us” the link takes them to a page that explains various topics that explain who they are and what they do as well as their purpose. But, the difference I noticed was that their “About us” link was at the very bottom of the webpage and difficult to notice as compared to Fox News’ link. On CNN’s “About us” page under the category “CNN’s Parent Company” it provides a link to Time Warner Inc.  In the upper left corner their corporate website provides a menu with a category that says “Corporate Responsibility”.

On the “Corporate Responsibility” webpage there are three general categories they use to describe how they conduct corporate responsibility. The category that got my attention was “Creating Responsibility and Sustainability”. This is because it has the word ethic in its description. However, they are talking about their business functions and processes of materials as they pertain to ethics and not the way they report the news or provide media. It took more steps to see if CNN and their parent company had the information I was looking for. They didn’t and if they did it would probably be even more difficult to find than what they have provided.

CNN’s corporate website does display their “WarnerMedia Diversity & Inclusion Policy” but so does Fox News. I provide two examples where I compare and contrast two of the more well known news media sources. I invite you to conduct your own experiment on the other news media sources out there to see if you get the same results.

We live in a world with multiple electronic platforms, a plethora of news and media sources, and diverse ways to get information. There is a vast amount of information out there. But when a person is trying to make an informed and educated decision, that is important to them, they need to know the various steps to take and how to go about doing it. I believe that there are many out there that just let the information come at them like a tidal wave and based on how they feel about it they make their decisions. This is not wise nor displaying wisdom.

Where do you get your morals and principles? There are many resources out there and many ways to do that. But, if a person does not have any approach or process of how they educate themselves then they will continue to be influenced by the hurricane of information and media that’s out there waiting to knock them over. They will continue to make uninformed decisions and believe conventional wisdom. And there are many out there waiting for you to do just that.



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