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The Border Wall & America. Are We a Homeless Person or A Homeowner?

Imagine having a good paying job, a family, friends, a nice car, and nice home with all the accoutrements you are able to afford. You go to church and on weekends you might catch a game or spend time with family and friends. You are used to the American lifestyle because you have worked hard, gained recognition, and are able to enjoy the benefits that our society has to offer. Sometimes you might worry about an occasional bill or your car and house payment but in general things look good.

Usually you are really good at dealing with nosy neighbors, the occasional craziness and party attitude of high school and college students as they noisily speed past your house, and relatives you would rather not see, ever. You go to work and do what you’ve always done because your used to it. You might be an accountant, a manager, a mechanic, or a programmer. You are an important part of your organization because of your work ethic and the things you have achieved and they depend on you.

Then somehow, unbeknownst to you, management at the highest level have changed some policies. Some of the board members and lower level managers have been working together, secretly, in a coordinated attempt to push their agenda. Their agenda is basically to put more money in their pockets at the end of the year by passing policies that infringe on worker rights. They wanted employees to work longer hours with less breaks and shorter ones at that. For some reason they switched from an eight hour work day to a twelve hour work day. You are infuriated. But what can you do? You go to your corporate website and see that some of the violation reporting policies have been changed too. You try your best to make it through the rest of the day without strangling somebody and you go home.

You haven’t been paying attention to the news because you thought everything was alright. When you get home you find your house has been broken into and your significant other has taken what was there before the break in. Seems odd but you remember that your significant others name is also on all of the bills and you start to get really angry because you see the nosy neighbors and some students just standing there watching and talking. You call the police but it takes them forever to respond. When they get there they seem like they don’t care because they’ve been overworked, don’t get recognized, and the force is full of dirty cops or at least that’s what you heard.

Your house is a total wreck. The cost of the damages are more than you can afford to repair and it just so happens that all of the bills are due at the beginning of next week. Then you look over at the doorstep and see a letter saying that your significant other has cheated for some reason and there will probably be a divorce. Then some young punk walks past the house and mumbles a colorful metaphor in a passive aggressive manner and then you lose it. You get irritated and head toward the punk but for some reason the police go after you and start asking if your drunk or they get close to you to see if you have weed on your breath. To you this seems absurd because you’ve never done things like that. You remember that, at least, you don’t have to say anything but they don’t even read you your Miranda Rights. They seem to be irritated at you and put you in cuffs.

If this seems all too familiar to anybody that reads this. If anybody has experienced this scenario this is Liberal, Democratic Socialist, and Political Owl justice. Even Dinesh D’Souza experienced something similar to this. On a larger scale the same thing is happening with our nations sovereignty and “political homelessness“.

In the scenario, by the time the person gets out of jail they have lost everything. They become homeless because the previous situation put them in so much of a bind that they could not recover. Or, at least it would be nearly impossible to recover. This person finds themselves on the streets. Their clothes become soiled and there isn’t anywhere to take a bath to take care of personal hygiene. It’s very difficult to find a place to sleep because the police look for homeless people that sleep in the wrong places. When this person does find a place to sleep it’s very difficult to keep themselves safe. Occasionally they get attacked or mugged. During the day people walk past them in either direction not even paying attention or giving notice. Sometimes some young punk might walk up to them and do something terrible, just because there aren’t any walls or safety the persons prior home provided them.

Based on the movie and book “Death of a Nation“, also by Dinesh D’Souza, the Democrats have always pin pointed a specific group as a test subject. Then if everything else goes according to plan they use the same tactics towards their real and larger goal. However, Dinesh D’Souza explains that the political homelessness is basically a taking away, realignment, and morphing of American culture and sovereignty. Look at credible news sources and trends and you will begin to understand that first the “White Nationalists” from the political Right and the Democrats on the Left have used the controversy and complexities at the U.S. Southern border wall to again, to either morph legislation or keep it the same to benefit them. In Newt Gingrich’s book “Trump’s America” he explains that there’s even a small Conservative group that is very resistance to change. They like everything to be predictable and quiet. President Trump is what he is, he gets results, and American’s love it. Usually people that are the most resistant to change become the angriest and they’ll do whatever it takes to thwart and obstruct in their own way. In my opinion President Trump is a new type of Conservative or the Conservative America always thought we should have had. But Sean Hannity is a Conservative and he’s not very quiet either.

There hasn’t been a realignment and reform of ICE nor new legislation, yet. However, the two entities that ICE is comprised of are complex in and of itself but they are working on making things better. Basically we have to keep ourselves from being like the person in the scenario as best we can, which also represents us. Society, government, and public opinion might at times either look good or bad. They might look downright ugly. But the idea is to keep your focus and not let your guard down. The good women and men of the United States need to continue supporting each other by continuing to educate themselves, seeking credible wisdom instead of conventional wisdom, and not let evil ideologies creep up on them in any way, form, or fashion. Humbly fight for your house, your family, and your way of life. Let’s continue to Make America Great Again.



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