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Have the Humility to Stand the Ground, Wherever Your Feet Might Be and Fight

What does it really mean to be humble? Do we really understand the true meaning or has it been warped and twisted over the years by us? I am sure that there are some that truly know what it means to be humble, but it seems we have lost our way. Being humble has to do with principle and honor. Yet, this can become complex and is understood by the man or woman that has the spiritual fortitude and strength to endure the trials that stretch and complex the mind.

In the Bible and Dictionary to be humble means to allow yourself to be taught while at the same time not being prideful. On the other hand we have confused this with being meek. Being meek is the act of becoming or being submissive. In today’s world we deal with what is called not only evil ideologies but “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” I have looked for similar explanations of spiritual wickedness but what I found were explanations of the “New Age“, “Yoga“, and modified versions of the Kabbalah. They were just that, modified spiritual wickedness explanations. I doubt Jewish and other people, that believe in the teachings of the Kabbalah, would accept the New Age modifications.

The Bible has had some modifications but the lessons contained within its pages have stood the test of time, again and again. This is because people are not perfect but good and positive doctrine is, such as the Golden Rule. Beginning with the individual, he or she has to become meek toward themselves or rather their heart and mind. Their relationship with their Creator is then open to become humble and thus teachable. We are able to do these two acts by shedding our pride which is the self aggrandizing nature of the New Age religions. This is the belief that a person can learn and be everything because of the wisdom they have gained totally on their own. Yes, the wisdom and experience does belong to the individual but this becomes proud and selfish when they do not think at all of how it affects everyone else. I am speaking of those that become emotionally and spiritually wounded by the callous nature that grows within a prideful heart and a selfish mind.

There are those that take great care in the teaching of an individual either on the good side or the bad side. The difference is what side we bend our will to in any given moment or choice. People have the innate ability and sometimes unwittingly capability of acting on behalf of either a persons God or their Satan. Even Satan has different names. Sometimes the process of becoming meek and then humble happens within a split second. Other times this happens over various amounts of time as the experience we gain from adversity and trials gives us the ability to apply our previous experiences in meekness and humility.

In the situations we might find ourselves of the trials of our faith, adversity, or deception we also have the ability and capability to apply what we have learned in various degrees. Never be mistaken and never forget that even in the Bible, Exodus 15: 3 it says “The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.” I am not saying that we should go do something rash. What I am saying is that every individual faces and experiences their own personal war either externally or internally on the battlefield of the mind. This process becomes confidence. They enable us, and they give us mental and spiritual elasticity and strength to fight back in our own way against evil ideologies and spiritual wickedness.

The process of being meek and humble is something that we, ourselves, have control over. This is a conscious choice and does not need to be controlled by an external force or our demons within. You will know the difference when someone is forcing their will upon you to become meek to them because this goes against your conscious choice. This is an experience of cognitive dissonance. Metaphorically and fundamentally each person is born with their own compass. Sometimes, on our journey we set the compass down by either distractions, pride, or too many conflicts that are not our fault. Like minded individuals understand this that are not judgemental. They are in their own way our guardian angels and they are there to teach us in the way that they do and so is our God. They help us find, pick up, and apply our compass so that we can anew our journey.

In today’s world we can be sure to experience these trials of adversity wherever our feet are in any given moment. People are, in a way, constantly in motion and somewhat unpredictable because we cannot always know their every intention. We have to be strategic. Giving up a portion of ground to maneuver into a better position is good. This principle also applies within the battlefield of the mind with the various viruses put out there by nonsensical media sources. The process of being meek and humble with yourself is a principle and with each test we go through we gain honor by giving it our best with what we have in the moment. If we are to conduct a review with ourselves we should not be too judgemental rather, to not be a fool by continuously trying our best the next time adversity comes our way.

Do not worry about the opposition. They might be able to apply these principles to their selves. The difference is, no matter what they do they will either try to do the same and will completely reject what they have tried or they will try and realize that it is a better way. Some of the opposition are so used to doing what they’ve been doing that they are set in their ways and they reject. They are not capable of being the same for an extended period of time. Usually, their real intentions are a summation of everything that they do either spoken or unspoken; inaction or action.



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