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Book Review of “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals”

First I want to point out that the book “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” is Judge Jeanine Pirro’s work and as Theodore Roosevelt said “the credit belongs to the man in the arena”. Only in this case, the woman in the arena.

There were many points that caught my attention and some, at the same time, caused feelings of nationalism and patriotism to arise. However, in the last chapter she writes a quote that says, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” She explains that this can be found in the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.. I can imagine a professional such as herself reflecting on words from the wise. And that tells me what kind of person she is and where her principles are at her foundation.

I, myself can trace the principles of my foundation from the great book of the Holy Bible and there are many great words of wisdom found within. I understand, and also, this same book is the bulwark of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is good to know that there are professionals of U.S. Law like Judge Jeanine Pirro that are willing to stand up for what they believe and be an example for those looking for hope and justice.

The book begins by sweeping the whole nation and explaining that there are Liars, Leakers, and Liberals all across the United States. But, the greatest pool or swamp of them are located within the inner circles and Deep State of Washington D.C.. These types of people and groups are not just Democrats and Mindless followers, but they are also people that have great responsibility such as certain officials in the FBI and DOJ. Some of them are Republicans that stand by idle, watch, and don’t do anything as bad things happen. She explains what a RINO is, for those that don’t know, and those Republicans that stand by idle are those type.

Judge Jeanine also covers the Media and this includes Hollywood and the “Fake News” channels such as CNN, ABC, NBC, and other Liberal news channels. She explains how certain people in Hollywood think they have a Liberal moral obligation to go out on the streets, stand on a soap box, and spew nonsense without any base or facts to their arguments. To me most of the Liberals in Hollywood think that just because everyone can see them on the big screen and any other digital platform, people will listen to them and that it takes guts to stay skinny and sexy by being scrutinized for not looking like Ken or Barbey. But that’s how Mindless Followers are, people. However, Judge Jeanine repeatedly gives credit to the real heroes of this country, such as members of the U.S. Military, loyal cabinet members to President Trump, honest police officers and judges, and men and women of this country that want and continue to fight for freedom, the Constitution, the nations flag, and those that seek truth, justice, and equality.

She explains that soon after President Trump was elected to office huge masses of women, with pink hats, marched to the streets to protest in January of 2017. She literally had two prior Navy Seals on both sides of her while engaging protestors on the street, in conversation, and paints a detailed picture of what its like to be in a crowd of Liberal pink hat protestors. She asks them questions of what and why they are protesting and the majority of them did not even have a response. The ones that did, from what I read, did not make sense. Currently we have found that the protestors in the pink hats are Feminist protestors. That is my interpretation and what I understand.

Towards the end of the book Judge Jeanine explains her perspective of what kind of man President Trump is as compared to what the Media of the “Fake News” portrays. From my perspective I believe her. She has known President Trump for roughly thirty years and any person that scrutinizes or tries to portray their relationship in a bad light I will say they are wrong. From my interpretation, President Trump is a multifaceted man that works hard, complex at times, loves people, is sincere to those he cares about and trusts, and has principles and positive values that are seen in his actions whether they are seen by the public or not. But the “Fake News” and Liberal Media won’t explain that and they won’t report on his, and his cabinets accomplishments.

It is common for professionals to be friends. The best relationships, in my opinion, are those between two individuals that are capable of putting their principles and values at the forefront of their decisions in certain situations. From my experience of dealing with all kinds of people, in the Military and Equal Opportunity, I can see that they are those kind of professionals.

Finally, Judge Jeanine paints a very good picture and brings to light the tactics and games that Liars, Leakers, and Liberals plan and put into action. She has been a police officer, a DA, and the first female Judge of West Chester County in New York. Her book “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” acts as a lighthouse for people, that hold American patriotism and nationalism as part of their values, looking a guiding light.

I urge those looking for a guiding light and truth to read “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” and draw inferences and conclusions of their own. Then act on what you have learned by putting those values of nationalism and patriotism to work by exercising your right to vote, taking part in important discussions, supporting aspects of this nation that are important to you, and supporting the winning team of President Trump.

By Jamin Chavez


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