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The Importance of Education & Experience

The first subject that comes to my mind on this topic is Common Core. Several years ago I would see posts on Facebook, Twitter, and the news about how students were frustrated with the “New Math”. This was in 2015 but it began in 2009. Parents and individuals were outraged and frustrated and it seemed as if no matter how loud they protested they were stuck with it. This is a huge problem.

I have a problem with SFL or Socialism, Feminism, and Liberalism which can also be restated as Progressive-ism. This should be SFLP. These ideologies have been lurking in the shadows, quietly, kept secret, and masked by the various individuals and groups that champion them. These are held by the left which is also better known as the Democrats. However, there are some Democrats that are very good at Bipartisanship. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) is a very good example of a Democrat that champions Bipartisanship. Even though she criticizes the Right on occasion, that’s to be expected, she has come up with some very good Acts such as the Farm Bill.

I call the people and groups that champion SFLP as the “Others”. If a person or group follows the latest trends in the news and certain movies such as “The Death of a Nation” they will see the Others agenda being slowly pulled from the shadows into the open. I support the C.S.A. or the Conservative States of America so I’m slightly biased to a winning team. However, contrast sources and ideologies such as Fox News and Conservative media like “The Death of a Nation” with media from CNN, NBC, ABC, and Michael Moors movie about the last President. Where else besides these sources are people going to get the latest in news and information on what is going on outside their immediate realm of existence?

It seems as if Fox News is outnumbered but people crave the truth. That is if they want to know. They have the highest ratings lately even though sources such as CNN, NBC, and ABC cause so much confusion. Who is really responsible for the confusion? Read between the lines and put it together. A person will begin to see the Lefts or the “Others” agenda. This also includes some Republicans on the Right who are rooted in the “Deep State”. They do not help and I can’t help but be skeptical of Congresses slogan of “Better Off Now”.

These people have attacked our children and education systems indirectly. The importance in proper and common sense education cannot be reiterated or overstated. It must be. We have world wide examples of how ideologies such as SFLP have brought down societies gradually. We have Venezuela and Canada. Education is the most important because we teach our children to replace us when we become old and grey. Since we care about the great nation of the United States, and our posterity, it is natural to teach a succeeding generation to take our place and to give them the best tools and examples to do so. SFLP is detrimental to society when taken to the extreme. Only Socialism does not have to be taken to the extreme to be detrimental. Some of the “Others” pick and choose which ideology they want to support and they intertwine and use them in tandem, tactically, to push their agenda.

Since 2009, and prior, the United States has not been a strong contender with the world when it comes to education. Statistics have shown this. The book “The Dumbest Generation” by Mark Beuerlein explains the decline in education and some of the reasons for it. I believe that it is the agenda of the “Others” and their subtle brain washing techniques that have weakened the United States in this area.

Education coupled with experience is so important that it prevents individuals and society at large from making the same mistakes and repeating history. The education and experience process begins when we are young. Children and adults gain experience by first asking a question and then acting and testing their theories. But, if we do not educate our children and ourselves properly we are doomed to be degraded by dangerous ideologies we might not fully understand. People that accept the “Others” ideologies and their agenda, I call them mindless followers because they just accept what they see and hear without questioning. Based on these feelings they allow themselves to be influenced. Then they go about allowing bad things to happen like zombies in droves like we have seen in protests and bullying people out of restaurants. Education, experience, and example is the first step and if we want to continue to be a great nation we must fight for what we know to be true, just, and right. Not the “Others” way.

We are getting back on track, and have been, with leaders such as President Trump, Betsy DeVos, Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and supporters such as Jeanine Pirro, Governor Huckabee, Shawn Hannity, Ben Carter, Newt Gingrich, Mark Levine, and every other supporter. I do not want to live in a national Utopia of Dystopia and I hope you do not either. Make America Great Again!

By Jamin Chavez


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