Book Review of “Nasty Women”

The book "Nasty Women" is a compilation of essay's by women of the American Feminist movement and as Theodore Roosevelt said "the credit belongs to the man in the arena". But, in this case the credit belongs to the women in the arena. This is a very sensitive subject. It has become very complex and [...]

What Is Your Worth?

What is your worth and what defines you? To me, when I look at a person I see many things. I see things such as potential, greatness, sadness, complexity, honesty, loving, compassion, anger, frustration, and most often a confused or totally uncaring soul. I know and understand the many reasons why people become any of [...]

Small Towns: Why They’re Important, Their Culture, Natural Art, History & Atmosphere

These pictures were taken in two separate towns, Kirksville and La Plata Missouri. These are the towns I grew up in. Kirksville is about the size of a city and La Plata is a small town. But you get the point. Small towns are important for many reasons. They offer a unique culture, for the [...]

The UK Needs Brexit: Take The Red Pill & Exit

First I will say that the credit belongs to Nigel Farage, Dominic Raad, and Boris Johnson. Mr Farage is the father of Brexit, Mr Raad, and Mr Johnson are all three honorable and intelligent men. In writing this my purpose is to not take anything away from them, their country, or the hard work and [...]

Moments of Admiration & Splendor

Within every person is a yearning; an innate sense that tugs at the fringes of the soul and dances lightly upon our faint thoughts and feelings. Sitting in a cubicle, noticing your aching feet treading upon the pavement of the city surrounded by tall buildings, feeling the distant implosive urge to let loose frustration stuck [...]

“Oath of Non-Harm for an Age of Big Data” From the Book “Automating Inequality”

I believe the poor of America need to be given some attention and care. In an age of technology and big data we need to ensure that the methods we incorporate in taking care of our own are not oppressive or digressive. Below is the "Oath of Non-Harm for an Age of Big Data". Special [...]


As always a person begins with their personal perspective. Since we are not a system, as Emerson suggests, we have the ability to understand things from another persons perspective. How do we do this and why is it important? If we try to understand another person with our experiences only we will most likely not [...]

A System & Stitching? Reform & Realignment

Ralph Waldo Emerson made a mistake by comparing a person to a system. A system is a process such as is found in a school, college, or university. A subsystem is one of the portions in a vehicle that makes up the system as a whole. A system is something such as what runs a [...]

The Importance of New Collar Jobs

They used to be called Blue Collar jobs, but wait they still are. However, with advancements in technology things have changed. Traditional Blue Collar jobs are professions such as being a plumber, a mechanic, a carpenter, or an HVAC Technician. New Collar jobs are different and require higher level education. Some New Collar jobs are [...]

Book Review of “Trump’s America”

The book "Trump's America" is Newt Gingrich's work and as Theodore Roosevelt said "the credit belongs to the man in the arena". If anybody is interested in Political Science this is a must read. Newt Gingrich clearly defines the areas of tumult that President Trump, members of his party, and the thousands of men and [...]

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